Leaves Are Dying

Oh and " I’ve read 250ppm is around what you want?" Is what I was referring to as baby numbers. I would recommend you read @Hellraiser 's journals. If you hit summarize they go quick and cover everything over their course. If you don’t summary it there will be repeated questions burning into your cerebellum.

Haha @Randy_Marsh Tegrity Farms!!! I fuckin love it!!!

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I figured this is as good as any to go by.

Yup. Super soil is the only one that negates all other information. It requires as much care for the soil as the plants.

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What ? about ph and all that ? I normally do ocean and water and very rare add stuff but I do but mainly I have used them before GH nutes. Anyhow it’s all an experiment, not the best way to grow but my lazy way of growing, had some issues with heat so can’t really show off anything good righ now

Look into the super soil section of the forums. And note the guides. You’ve been around long enough I’m sure you know how to navigate the forum. Here is guide, see super soil.

Why people don’t believe me when I tell this is just pure ignorance. The main site the forum is for backs me up 100%

Ocean frog is a living soil… With proper care you wont have to pH.

Another reason I run into problems explaining this. Always forget to mention this part. When you do pH adjust in these kinds of soils you are causing detrimental damage. Which is why if you listen to me halfway through your grow, you’re screwed. This only works if you treat your soil properly from beginning to end. My first two plants in happy frog where the only soil grows I completely discarded. Luckily I didn’t pH too much on the other 5 and didn’t have to throw away $80 of happy frog I had killed, only killed $20 worth. Only two 5gal fabric pots worth where ruined with pH up/down.

@Zee I’ve got a PH meter, an EC/PPM meter and a soil PH meter and CalMag. What did you want me to do?

Get a reading of each of your spring water. Then water her till you get runoff, then test both the #. Tag me with the numbers.

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Also do a test on your tap water.

@Zee i don’t think I fully understand. My tap water PH is 6.18. PPM of water read 0. Then I followed the nutes and made my mixture ppm 1542. I had to add extra nutes to get it there.

@Zee EC going in is 3.08

What’s the pH of your runoff water? When you water her, water her till you get water coming out of the bottom, and pH and ec that.

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@Zee should I do that now, or wait until she needs water again?

Do it now. pH and pom

Ppm #s*

@Zee oh and the soils PH was in between 6-7. The meter didn’t have decimals. It’s analog not digital.

@Zee that won’t wash all my fresh nutrients out?

Let’s see what the runoff pH is.

Just enough to get the pH reading…not a flush.