Leaves are dying quickly



Welcome to the community ! Not Unusual for older fan leafs close to the bottom of the plant die off. First picture am I seeing a clear pot if so not a good practice to expose roots to sunlight. Post up picture of the whole plant. just my thoughts good luck :+1::v:

Not sure looks hungry to me. More info?

Welcome to the forum. I love growing in coco. Keep in mind the coco offers nothing to the plant and only gets what you give it and should be watered/fed to runoff everyday, no dry spells. There are some amazing coco growers here @Hellraiser is an awsome mentor or grow model check out his grow journal its full of amazing growing techniques

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Please keep it to one thread.

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As ,emtioned above. We would appreicate it if you kept your q and A in one thread to affress your currrent issues. It will be much easier to help you if you do.

Give us a day or so, and please make a decision as to which thread you want to own. Thanks. lw