Leave together or separate now? Help please ;)

G’day everyone. I gave my friend a strawb kush fem and a gold leaf seed (ILGM of course) to have a go outdoors with. He decided to just start with one so he dropped the strawb in water a duly planted in his 5 gall pot 2 days later. Then his dog knocked over his pot pot and dragged it around the yard emptying entire pot. I told him to pick up as much spilt dirt as he could and put the closest soil to where the pot was in on top and keep watering. After nothing for 10 days I told him to soak his other seed in case of a no show. He duly soaked and planted in the same pot only to have the strawb and the gold leaf sprout days apart and with in about 4-5 inches of each other. Question is does he separate them? If so, when? Will they hurt each other (other then yield) if he leaves them as is. All thoughts and suggestions welcomed and appreciated. Thanks all. :wink:

That is a great story… lmao… :wink:
He should split them up now while ther still young and roots aren’t Tangled together… :wink:
He could leave both of them in the same pot if he wanted to… but they will actually end up fighting over water more than they will fight over anything else… you can do this in hydro with several plants in one pot … but to try and do it in soil , you really have to stay on top of your watering and feeding schedule… you run the chance of one plant overtaking the other plant and usually it’s because of water issues and not nutrients or soil room… AKA bigger pot… :wink:

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Dog just doubled his yield. Good boy, deserves treats! Separate them asap.



I would wait just little bit to make sure their roots are healthy and then split the two up.

Better yields if you grow them separate imo.


Excellent thanks heap. Just glad the dog hadn’t eaten the seed. I did tell him to water the dogs turds for a week or so just in case lol. I’ll tell him to transplant ASAP. Thanks again. :wink:

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A master piece! Well done @Powaforce

And the guys are right. Separate them. But do it very carefully. They are very tender.

Once they are separated if he remembers which one he planted second he should move that one.

Are they going to be outdoors now? If they are inside they should be domed up for a week and only water is spray the inside of the dome. The soil in those pots looks way too wet. If they are outdoors and that is from rain, well disregard.

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Yeah they’ll stay outdoors. Is the dome only an indoor thing? Is there any benefits/dangers of doming outdoor? He’s transplanting one today, should he be doming once he’s done?

I always start mine indoors but I’d be a little concerned with them getting fried in the sun under a dome if they were outside @Powaforce

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Thanks @bob31. No domes for them :wink: