Leave tips curling down towards soil in point

I’m hoping someone has an answer lol I am very new to this ( it’s my first grow) my girl has only been in soil about a week and today I noticed the leaves were pointing down toward the soil. Can someone tell me what it could possibly be or if I’m just being neurotic and my baby is fine

Overwatering can cause the tips to curl or hook down I believe.

I thought that could be it but wasn’t sure. So should I just hold off on watering for a a day or so and it should adjust itself back up?

I like to only water with a spray bottle until they get their first multi pronged leaves myself. Also when watering the bigger sprouts I learned from bad experience to avoid watering directly around the stem. Water no closer than the drip line and it is supposed to help draw the roots outward.

Ok thank you very much

Stomper what do you mean by bad experience as far as watering to close to stem I am relative numb myself

I’m in no way speaking for @Stomper.
But I think he had trouble with fungus @Fessie. But I’ll let him explain


I am on my second grow indoors. My first grow was a complete disaster due to my own mistakes. First, I was a landscaper for many years and made the mistake of trying to go it alone with what I thought I knew. Cannabis is supposedly in the tomatoe family so I treated it like tomatoes. I used Miracle Grow time release soil and their tomato fertilizer. The soil turned to mud and the roots never dried even when the outside 3/4 of the pots were bone dry…fungus. Every time I watered they got nute shock.

I finally found this site and went thru the Grow Bible and article Robert was e-mailing me and was very humbled by what I was doing wrong. I didn’t fix the issues until I almost killed my second grow.

Watering away from the trunk is also an old trick to avoid sogging the soil and floating a plant til it tilts (before it gets a good tap root). The soil will get wet more evenly and in nature this is more like how rain gets to the roots.

An additional note: If you did use Miracle Grow do not stick any buds in a microwave or they wil go off like sparklers :wink:

Yup, that’s the stuff I used. And I was raised on a vegg farm and we grew over 200 tomato plants.
Also along with many many other vegg’s. And when I started outdoors I thought I knew everything… " ,WRONG. " but in other area’s though I had the egde…lol
Now over 10 yr’s I about got this down to where I’m trying my hand at breeding.


Well since you are so seasoned @garrigan62 at this maybe you can answer a question for a newbie lol do the lower leave tips point down normally as plant grows or is that always a sign of over watering?

First let me say…Welcome to ILGM

Depending on what stage the plant is in.
Seedling…most likely over watering and or a newbie adding nutrients.
If its well into vegg. Could be lack of light.
But with out of pic image to guess as a rule I won’t guess

B Safe

@garrigan62 This is just now. She’s only been in soil a week today. And I have given small amount of nutrients according to fox farm chart but cut way back gave 1/2 teaspoon of grow big and 1 tablespoon big bloom. She has had 3 watering since went in soil and 2 feedings the way I just described 2 days apart. Too much too soon? And thanks I’m learning lol oh and yeah definitely think I’m making newbie mistakes because I thought veg started when I started 18/6 lol

OK it’s a seedling " NO NUTRIENTS ".

The seedling has its own NUTRIENTS t o last her until she has 4 or 5 true sets of leaves and than your soil.
If it contains NUTRIENTS then you add NUTRIENTS thats a recipe for disaster!!.
Then when she has thoughs true sets of leaves yyou feed only half what I calls for maybe less if there s NUTRIENTS in the soil…say a time release.

Hope this helps

B Safe

Ahhh thank you… And yes I mixed happy frog and ocean forest as I saw somewhere that was a good idea. It is a lil stressful with so many different websites and so many different people saying different things lol… Hopefully now with this forum I can get the extra knowledge from so many who have much more experience than I that my next grow I’ll know a lot more… Thanks again for all your input it’s very appreciated

@annegreen36, your very welcome. If you jump to different forums it becomes more difficult and can be stressful. Getting different answers form people who most likely don’t have the slightest idea them selves.
I’ve been here over two yr’s now and believe me there’s a reason why and if you hang here you to will know why to.
So glad I could help and if you have any other questions just ask…OK

B Safe

Thanks for all the advice guys, she is growing nice :hugs: