Leave problem or normal

Wondering if anyone can tell me what the spots are on these leaves and if not normal can anything be done to help, using fox farms trio at 50% once every other feeding which comes out to once a week, stopped grow big at 1st sign of flowering, now using big bloom and tiger bloom 50% every other watering with distilled water, thanx for any comments or advice, thanx

Looks like you may need a calcium supplement. Also, you can continue with the grow big for a few more weeks. They’re going to be getting big quick and could use the nitrogen.


I was going to say it looks like Calcium deficiency and also possible magnesium low as well. Since you are using distilled water.


Cal mag issue definitely


Man I dont like distilled water. I think it strips some nutes and does not do well for me. U need the grow big man. What medium are u growing in? I follow the FF to a T. Twice a week feeding at a minimum

Oh put some cal mag in there. I agree with everyone else. 5ml a gal. I do it once at week along with some golden tree at a random watering. Seems to work great for me. Good luck!!!:+1::+1::+1:

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Hey, thanx for the advice, as you can probably tell this my first grow, it was supposed to be critical purple autoflower but I had to go 12/12 to get it to flower and that was day 56, today is day 73, growing in fox farms happy frog 50/50 pearlite, 32×32×63" tent, I didn’t know much bout lights and such. So I purchased the tent combo from amazon and the light I have is a philzon 600 w but only 100 w actual power which I dont understand, keeping it around 16", I will follow your advice with cal- mag 5ml per gal,does it matter if added with nutes or should I add it to just water, sorry bout this long questioning I really appreciate your time, I had stopped using the grow big at 1st sign of flowering and now just using big bloom and tiger bloom at 50%, one more thing here is a pic in regular light, dont look as bad I’m quessing???, hey man thanx again


Plant looks really good. I would continue with the grow big through week 5 of flower or you may end up with low nitro issues in the near future. You can add cal mag with the nutes. I always used calmag on water days since a lot of calmag products have nitrogen in them and I don’t like to load all that nitrogen into a feed day.

Ok, sounds good, one more question if you dont mind, last 10 days has not grown vertically, which is a good thing as I only have 10 more inches to raise the light, I have kinda messed with it to try to figure how I could tie the longer stems down a little but there is no way to do it without covering up a lot of bud sites (guessing that’s what thier called) do you think I’m going to run out of room or will hopefully be ok, not really worried about yield, just want to get this virgin grow to finish, then for next time invest in better lighting and fix the several mistakes I have made like doing lst at right time and a few others things, thanx again and have a good day

They may have finished their stretch. Or lack of nitro could have stalled them. How long since 12/12 flip?

Yeah thanks again, dont want to take up too much of your time, Sunday will be 3 weeks on 12/12 but about the first 10 days I had mega light leaks have since been fixed, so you are suggesting start using grow big again and add cal- mag, will the grow big cause it to start growing again vertically asking cause already worrying about running out of room, thanx again

I would use the cal mag on water only days and resume the grow big on feed days. If it’s been 3 weeks since flip, you might be around week 1 1/2 to 2 of flower. I would continue the grow big for another 2 weeks. Also being 3 weeks from flip, there’s a good chance the main stretch is over. It’ll need the nitrogen to start establishing the buds. Then once they’re established, you can cut the grow big. The tiger bloom will have enough nitrogen to carry it the rest of the way.

Never apologize for asking questions. That’s what the support forum is for. This forum gets boring if no one is asking questions, lol.

Ok, appreciate it, is there any info on this site as far as light recommendations, I know I need a better setup as this 600 w one has only 100 w actual power( guessing actual power has a lot to do with quality of light) not even sure if this question could even be answered, this was supposed to be critical purple autoflower, why has it taken so long, it was my understanding it should of started showing sex in 2-3 week then start flowering and then 7- 11 weeks flowering time. Unless I misunderstand the time frame, thanx again, kn low I’m asking alot but this is something I really enjoy and can get into, it is nothing short of amazing watching the growth, I am writing down all the advice I have gotten so I can put it in action next go round, dont laugh at me but 1 more question lol, any recommendations on a feminized or autoflower strain that’s fairly easy to grow for next time, thanx again and you guys are Awesome

There are a ton of threads regarding lighting. Some build their own. There is a thread called “let’s talk diy lighting” that has a plethora of info if you look to go that route.

A lot of us are using horticulture lighting group LED’s because they just produce awesome plants over and over. If you have one plant, a qb135 kit in 3000k or 3500k would do you well for the entire grow. They are really good so they aren’t cheap like the $80 lights that advertise 1000w but are actually 100w (which doesn’t all come from the leds, they have fans that have to run which is eating up some of that 100w).

As for plant maturity, it’s usually around week 4 when they start showing signs that they are sexually mature.

Autos, while they may seem like they’d be easier since you don’t have to mess with lighting schedules, can be real trick and finicky. And the end result varies significantly between different phenotypes.

White widow feminizes is a good plant to get started with. Very resilient and resistant to mold/rot/diseases.

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Ok, thanx a million for the advice, I’ve added your well appreciated advice in my little black book, have a good one