Leave plant in bucket?

A question from a fellow grower:

can you leave the plant in 1 bucket its entire life or a 3 gallon bucket it’s a growers helpline

You can absolutely leave your plant in a 3 gallon pot if you want. I started one of mine straight into a 3 gallon container and it grew like a champ. Just be aware that it will start slower than a plant gradually increasing in contained size. The reason for this is the root system will try to develop the whole container before you see explosive above grow medium growth. Just make sure you take care not to over water when starting in a larger container.

The exception to this is if you are growing in hydroponics. In that case you always want to take your sprout straight from the seedling stage into your hydroponic setup :slightly_smiling:

For soil grows, I place seedling in 1 gallon pot for Veg, then transfer to 3 gallon pot 2 weeks before bloom. Sometimes I do the transfer the same time I switch the lights from 18/6 to 12/12


I assume the only exception I would add would be when you have Auto flower plant which does not tolerate transfer well. I was always afraid to transplant just before flowering due to it possibly adding some shock to the plant (brings back bad memories). I usually do not mind an extra week on veg if I can avoid transplant. Is there something that I could do that would lessen the chance of transplant shock? Appreciate your input, you have given me many good tips. Jerry

Every time I transplant I believe in the survival of the fittest lol. It will either live or not :slightly_smiling:. @Donaldj correct me if I am wrong but it is Superthrive you suggest using when transplanting correct?

Superthrive Liquid Karma or basically any kelp extract nutrient it helps to reduce stress


Liquid Karma! Thats the other one I always see you mention :slightly_smiling:

Was looking through some reviews for Superthrive and B-52 and found the following quote:

“Superthrive contains Naphthyleneacetic acid (NAA). NAA in low doses can stimulate root growth, but it is also classified as an unregistered pesticide by the EPA. In my original edit of this post I recommended Advanced Nutrients B-52 and Advanced Nutrients Voodoo Juice as alternatives to Superthrive, but I discovered that they also contain Naphthyleneacetic acid.” Superthrive is also banned from sale in several states due to the toxic nature of NAA.

I am NOT sure if I want these in my weed. I am unsure of the toxic strength of the NAA but, this is enough for me to not use it. There are too many other alternatives on the market. Buyer beware !

I use it for the single feeding following a transplant I also suggested a kept extract for those organically concern. You could also use humic or fulvic acid :wink:

Superthrive is only to be used for rooting, transplant shock, and some growers use it in veg. I quit using it because I use Liquid Karma. I have grew out a plant to 3-4’ tall last summer feeding it only Liquid Karma.

My use for Liquid Karma:
Reservoir health

You actually want both humic and fulvic acid in these cases.

I have never really experienced any negative issues after transplant. Go figure. If you gently remove plant and place it in another pot filled with rich soil; I cannot see an issue. HOwever; I could be wrong on this. Next time I grow an auto; I will do one in soil and transplant it for you all.