Leave hydro during grow

A question from a fellow grower:

I just ordered some seeds recently from you. I’m going to be having my hydro system going, but when my plants are going to be about 2-5 weeks old I will be away for 7 days. Would I be able to leave my hydro system running with the same water or will that do damage? If I do this should I leave the system filled with pure water or water and nutrients? What are your thoughts on this?
Thank you for your time, and hope to hear back from you soon!

It depends on the type of system and the size of your reservoir. The smaller and earlier in life the plant is when you go away for a week the better chance you would have of having enough solution in the reservoir, or bubbler to maintain the plant for a week.

In flower; You would not be able to leave if using a bubbler. Plant can suck up all fluids in 3-4 days if temps are high and plant is feeding strong.