Least smell for an outdoor grow

I live in a very small town and the police cruise thru our development twice a day plus I live on a golf course. Is there any strain that is not very aromatic when growing ? Thanks !

To me girls scout cookie extreme has more of a fruity smell, a trained nose might pick up on it but it does not have the skunk smell. And there are other strains with a fruity aroma. Just my thoughts welcome back.


Go with something fruity, my banana kush just smells of bananas.


Durban poison is also a low odor strain. I grew 3 of those had em huge ypu would o ly smell them if you were very close to them but say if you were 50 feet a way you wouldn’t know they were there

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Thanks to everyone for their input that helps a lot !

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@crazydan impossible in the sunlight , the sun is the most purest light to grow and when grown in the sun the Marijuana is at its premium level naturally , impossible but if you growing one or two plants, you won’t have no problems with smell outside , just bugs and animals and don’t let it grow higher than your house or you screwed dude !

Just don’t let this happen and you should be ok.


Hello…the plants in the picture…what strain…and how old?

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@Cassiehydro blueberry photo :camera:, it was a full growing season outdoors .


Years ago a friend took me to another growers place and he told me to find the plants. The smaller ones I found right away but there was one I never recognized because it looked like that, like a tree that grew clear to a second story window. I never saw another like that again, at least until now.

@Luckyrider oh yeah , check out this other behemoth I help grow from my mix .

I have more photos of even bigger ones from the 9 month visit out at the emerald triangle mountains :mountain: I was invited out at a farm up there to learn more about the outdoor growing years ago in my early journey with a few colleagues and it was mind blowing how big a cannabis sativa plant can really grow out in the wild with management , crazy :crazy_face:!

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Now that is insane!!! Some would think that is photoshopped but I know that plant is possible, seen it. The one from memory wasn’t near that full but the height would be pretty close. Southern exposure next to a house for protection equals HUGE. If you have the climate for it I don’t believe anything can beat the outdoor grow with the good earth and the intense power of the sun!

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@Luckyrider I have one I climb in and it’s still hard for you to see me in the plant and I’m 5/8 250 with a with tshirt on , my brother if you ever get a chance to just ride through the triangle :small_red_triangle:, you see plants big as red cedar oak trees out there , I mean plants over 25 years old and still producing season after season , they don’t chop down they trees in the emerald triangle, they harvest and key them revert themselves and harvest the same plant year after year until they selectively cut them down . I’ve seen trees out there with 1973 dates on them no shot brother . It was mind blowing :exploding_head:!


I looked it up and the area sounds like the growers dream. Me, I guess I’ll wait on my little autos and be more than happy with them. :grin:

You know your doing good when harvest day you need a chainsaw

@dirtydave and that’s just for one bud on the very top !

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the lumber jack song seams appropriate here LOL

One of plants I’m growing is Fast N’ Glorious from Mandala Seeds. They’re only available in regular seeds.

Here’s a description… Fast N’ Glorious grows well in hot or cold weather, as well as humid areas, making it a versatile strain for extreme climates. The odor is not overpowering so that it lends itself well for stealthy cultivation. This strain is a good choice for all levels of experience and you don’t need special know-how to get an amazing crop.

Love the plants and the dog