Least Popular Strain

What do you all think is the least grown strain and why?

I’m going with bag seeds. Not a strain but most times you really don’t know what it is. So you could be wasting time on something that’s not good or turn out to be a male.

Let me clarify. Strains from ILGM.

White widow hahaha jokes

:joy::rofl::joy::rofl: bagseed got me laughing. But i maybe under the influence. But i dont see alotta gold leaf. I mean people get it. Grow nuggs. LOVE the high… but still underrated. N ive never smoked it… but seems :+1:t5:

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I’m guessing here, but the pure indica strain only yields 6 oz/sq yd. Maybe the lowest of all of the ilgm strains? Could make it not very popular


I personally don’t see many growing low rider.

It also doesn’t have a cool name like the others

Didnt know about that one until I looked at the auto flowers…very low yield on that one.

I read the yield description and it said “don’t bother, move one”

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Does anyone think ILGM will carry any new strains anytime soon??

Didnt even know they carried Lowryder… n the pure indica definitely. Never seen it


I always enjoy your replies because I can look at the avatar.

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I never see power plant or bubble gum either.

I don’t see any or much black widow or Bruce banner i would like to watch those grows

Just make them angry and they’ll grow. Lmao

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I bet it was potent though.

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Pappy. Wassup man where u been hiding out

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Has anyone ever grown the Milky Way strain. Read the write up on here and it intrigues me.

I have a Bruce Banner Crystal cherry pie afghan power plant super silver haze super skunk fire OG Jack H O.G. Kush Cali dream all going now on my 5-1 thread big bud got great Yield but didn’t care for the smoke also the bubblegum good but didn’t care for it much blueberry didn’t care for it either everything else I love