Learning with Autos ILGM "Autoflower Mix Pack"

Decided my next adventure is going to be making

Lemon Pie Auto x Tangie Auto

But on a larger scale. I want 200+ seeds.

This one im going to add to the journal, give everyone a chance to see the simplicity of making fem seeds.


Im down to watch that fosho mi hombre!!

I want to get over 200 seeds as well.



Today is the day I basically try and steal knowledge from you, through my searching and more searching, I want to build a light :blush::green_heart: not SIL or Cob but LED strips. Might be wrong there as im not a light guru just a book worm.

I know I can’t add links so, screen shots is where I hope I can give you the info you need to assist me properly.

First this light build will be to support clone mothers maybe start seeds.
Coverage needs to be 24"x24" Height adjustment is not really a issues. Just want the best, coverage, and canopy penetration, that I can say I made. :rofl::rofl: im big on DIY.

These are the LED strips I want to use


  1. Will those work for what I’m needing. They say 3500 same as HLG rspec QB

  2. If they will work, how many would I need, they are 11", 280mm long basically 1" wide 24mm

  3. What type of material would I need to mount them to? Do I need to do anything special before mounting?

  4. What driver(preferred with dimmer) would I need to carry total given amount of strips.

  5. Would they be wired in series?

  6. What size wire would be best for the wiring?

  7. Am I crazy for wanting to do this ? Seems like if I’m half right I can build this light for under 150usd and it still be an amazing light. By far better than the LED kit I purchased

I’m a cellular technician so wiring, soldering, fabrication, all are fine with me. I just don’t know the technical side of lights or how to power them.

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P.s thank you! because I know it takes effort to explain and help :slightly_smiling_face:

Also if this light build comes out to be nice, im.going to build another then build a breeding box :package: :+1: :clap: :grinning: :wink:

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This will be piece of cake for you. The 24"x24" coverage is the size of grow space? I ask because it would be probably better to use 560mm strip to get that kind of coverage. But they probably wouldn’t fit inside of a 2x2 tent well.


Most of the answers to your questions are in link below. I documented a build with 280mm eb gen 2 strips here.

That is far from the only way to do it though.


Yes the tent is 24"x24"

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Never even seen this thread thank you!!!

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I would measure inside of your tent to see what will fit. I have a 2x2 that actually measures about 23"x22.5". When under negative pressure less than that, so 560mm not really an option.

You also would probably want a fixture larger than what I built in that topic. It was intended to be a bare bones budget light. So more power and larger design would probably provide better results. I think those strips are a little cheaper now too.


Little update on the solo cup girl,

A few weeks ago

And tonight

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Back to the light talk, ok @dbrn32

Total available space in side of tent 23.5"x22.5".

21"x21" (533mm x 533mm) is the size I will make the actual aluminum heat sink/frame for the strips.

So what would be the best amount of strips to cover this area with the best coverage and over all canopy penetration? While keeping a low leaf surface temp i want to have max penetration while letting plants grow within inches of the light. And what type of driver am I looking at for said strips.

Thank you!!!

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Maggie really is just my neglected child, I was meant to up pot her and make her happy. Never did. I just enjoy the training to much. Lmao maybe one day :rofl:


She’s not that short. :sweat_smile::smirk:


Lol so much for air pruning



Intake air temp and exchange rate will probably have just as much or more to do with your leaf surface temp. So really hard to build a light to set the leaf surface temp.

Are you buying gen 2 or gen 3 strips? The specs are a little different, and gen 3 is available in slimline, which is sometimes like 340mm instead of 280mm.

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Sorry for the slow response, going to go with gen 3. And 340mm also Heat sink/strip mount will be 18"x18". Lol now I need your knowledge

I need to find a phone app that lets me design the light :rofl::broken_heart:

So you have heatsink already? How much surface area?

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18 inch by 18inch