Learning with Autos ILGM "Autoflower Mix Pack"


This will be my first grow journal :blush::green_heart:

I will be growing three different autos, thanks to I💚GM.

Tent is a 2x2x3 for the time being, Will grow along with my growing experience, more knowledge more need for size.

Light source- 300w Ufo Led x2(New Hlg135w v2 arriving very soon) kinda excited :grin:

Medium- Mother Earth Coco Perlite

Nutes- Dakine 420 Powders, Calmag, Base, Grow, Bloom.

Clip on 6’ fan for air flow

4’ computer fan to cycle air out of tent, still need a good air filter set up if anyone knows one, small is the key thing since tent size is small.

Feeding- Plain ole 6.5 h20 as of now. (Gonna give em 1/8 nutes at 7-10 days “growth depending” )

Co2- no, well idk about it, or if I need it or what to do for it.


Blueberry Auto

Amnesia Haze Auto

Northern Lights Auto, <- first hydroponic bud I smoked. Kinda made me think back to fun HS days.

Seeds set to Germ 7-20-20 10:00 pm Cst

Seeds popped and all showing starter leaves 7-24-20 7:00 pm (I know there’s a legit name for them read it at least 50 times on this forum)

Here’s pics of the girls on their first day in some “lite” lighting.

Blueberry Auto ILGM

Amnesia Haze Auto ILGM

Northern Lights Auto ILGM

Here to share my growing experiences, and learn from anyone and everyone, hope everyone enjoys!


Fair warning…these sized plants don’t need more than 5 ml of water per feeding. :+1:


OK, Update since I finally got enough Average readings to say what they are, Average night to early morning temp is 73°, humidity 42% Average day temp, 80° , humidity 38%, I live in the South West and its dry AF, nothing grows outside but mesquite trees. So had to order a small humidifier. Be here Monday.

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I grew the Autoflower mix pack, you’re going to need a bigger grow space. I had three plants in a 2 and 1/2 by 5 x 5. And had to remove one of the plants to Outdoors and the ones that stayed inside grew into the lights. If you do this right that tent might only be enough for one plant. Others may have done it but for my experience it’s not enough room

Welcome to the forum @SmallTree! You’re off to a great start! Set to watch if you dont mind! Let us know if you need anything! Happy growing!


@fast-grow Yes, this is more so to just familiarize myself with the process of growing a plant from start to finish, those three are my second full attempt at growing, I have one Gsc Ex Auto alive and well at the moment that im trying to get a hands on lesson of LST on, as I get more confident and comfortable growing from seed to bag, I will upgrade my tent, lights. And use the small one for vegging. Or running a random auto for in between harvests as I progress to photos.

With how easy it is to mess up a auto and have a bad harvest i figured if I can get to where I can maintain them and receive a decent yield then transfer to the nice photo girl’s then i should be on track to nice yielding bushy plants.

Here’s the Gsc she is 21 days old i think in this pic, 23 today.


I reread your post, and see that you know that you’re going to have to expand eventually. I will say that if you LST an Autoflower they can get pretty bushy and massive on you. There’s some excellent videos on YouTube on how to LST a plant, and there may be some links to those videos somewhere on this site but I would not know how to find them myself. I just finished harvesting the last Autoflower that I started out of the mixpak, which was a Northern Lights plant that started out extremely stunted and wound up to be an excellent yielder. I never counted him as one of the three in the tent because he was never big enough to take up much space, but I’m still going to pull almost 2 ounces off that little plant.

Other than having some germination problems with the Northern Lights seeds, i found nothing difficult about growing the autoflowers out of the Autoflower mix pack. They tolerated everything I threw at them and prospered.

Good luck with your grow, Welcome to The Forum, and I’ll be watching your grow.


Little update all the girls are standing strong, 4 days out the dirt.

Blueberry ILGM

Amnesia Haze ILGM

Northern Lights ILGM


Been a good day, fed the gsc auto, 5.5 in. 6.9 out.
:sob: not testing ph in the starting 3 weeks was a killer. But she’s a good teacher, purchased a ph meter, ppm meter, ph up and down.

The little girls are good the blue berry being the fastest grower has its second leaves nubing out.

New light hasn’t arrived yet though (2-3 day shipping):confused: six days ago


Amnesia Haze

Northern Lights


Oh yea!!! I forgot to add i got some Maui Waui fem photos seeds and soom banana kush fun photo seeds !!!

So thats what I’ll be doing after the 12 other autos :green_heart::blush: lol :laughing: kinda scared but they both seems so good. Pineapple, and bana flavors who can pass that up.

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So is it just me or is the “shiny” mylar whatever backing on grow tents not really all that great.

I mean it reflects light, but my flat white wall seems to do it better :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: idk if its me or maybe not but they seem to not really add the full surrounding effect I was thinking when I read the description. But that damn white wall will blind you :rofl:

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Here’s the one big girl well not really big but the “biggest” roughly 11’ in total length, 4’ tall since I LST the shit out of her, guess I wanted to see if she was a tied up type of girl :rofl: day lets say 29 give or take a day.

Can I cut any fan leaves off? Its a auto plant Girl Scout Cookies, in coco perlite, 5.6 ph nute feed was 2 days ago, 5.5 flush next cause well I’ve never flushed it and the first couple nutrient runs weren’t tested very first one was like 20% suggested waited 7 days then full ran a feed calmag 2.5g, base 2g, and grow 2g all in a one gallon jug :rofl: umm this was my actual first attempt with no knowledge a learn as u go as some might say.

But there she is all short n thick :drooling_face:


Don’t have pets :broken_heart: thats all the Gsc gone and the Amnesia Haze baby


@SmallTree your ladies are looking good!! Nice LST GSC!!! You can absolutely cut fan leaves off autos or photos to help ensure lights getting to all your bud sites.

holy crap! I just saw your next posted :flushed: I’m so sorry @SmallTree RIP GSC and amnesia haze. So sorry for your losses :pensive:


Didn’t quiet have the tent Temps held stable got hot opened it to cool it down didn’t think about the pup liking them more than me :rofl::rofl::rofl: big lesson learned here, Northern and Blueberry survived :blue_heart: but the GSC she was getting pretty

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Oh man! Thats rough! We live and learn my friend! My pup loves bud too! She’s always got to be near my girls when we are outside :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

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Update on the survivors, fed them 20% nute feed yesterday roughly 15ml each, ph 5.8 ppm 930.

Blueberry Auto ILGM

Northern Lights Auto ILGM

Thanks to the hurricane my light was delayed almost a week but, scheduled for delivery in the morning.

10 day mark :green_heart: