Learning to sex my plants

I’ve been teaching myself growing with standard seeds but still have issues being sure. I’d rather not go killing my females because I wasn’t careful enough. Any help double checking would be greatly appreciated.

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Last two pics look male. All these the same plant?

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Wondering same thing?

I see balls last 2 pics

1 male
2 cant tell
3 looks like both. Looks male with hairs maybe
4 male
5 male

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Thank you for the response. They are all different plants so at least they’re not all hermaphroditic.
It will be an old post but I will update with what I find if anyone else would be curious.

Always. Keep us informed and best of luck

Here is an update of the 5 plants in case anyone would like to see.

- Plant #2

Plant #3

- Plant #4

- Plant #5

Sorry this one is plant 1

1.2.3 all look like males. Sorry bro