Learning to SCRoG and trim


What a beautiful sight. Two beans in, two pretty little plants out. The short one will be another ILGM Blueberry Auto. The tall one will be another ILGM whatsits!


Yes! @Loneviking The dominant pheno is different for every seed. I forget what the percentages are but its got to be at least 25% chance that the sativa will dominate


@bob31 Interesting! So much of what I’ve read about the strain talks about it being an Indica. I didn’t know you could wind up with a Sativa pattern. And I’m betting that one little girl will also be a Sativa pattern as she’s taking off like the other one did.


Each seed is different just like every child is different from the same parents.


@bob31. True. And I’m starting to like the idea of using seeds instead of clones. With seeds, it’s a bit of unknown that you have to wait to see.
Oh, and I examined the GSC that died and I couldn’t find a reason. She wasn’t rootbound, her roots were full throughout the bag with no voids. Oh well,seven jars of buds glistening with sugar so I won’t complain.


no kidding. Hmmm. That one goes into the books as a big fat WTF! haha

Did you weigh them? @Loneviking we have a thread for harvest/ jarred pics and weights.


@bob31 I have a question as to Girl Scout Cookies and when they are ripe. Mine are at eight weeks with almost all pistols red, but the Trichomes are still clear to milky. I’ve never grown GSC before, so is it time to harvest them? I’ve read they need 10 weeks, but I’m thinking these girls are ready.


Are you looking for sleep meds or get er done meds? @Loneviking

Get er done would be max milky with just a tinge of amber trichomes

Sleep meds would be at least 10-25% amber

Check trichomes on buds, not leaves.

When the pistils are browning it is time to look at the trichomes with a jewelers loupe or magnifier

Here is what to look for

Clear Trichomes are still growing

Milky trichomes are mature

Amber trichomes are past maturity


@bob31 Check Trichs on buds not leaves?! Well, I thought they would be the same. All of the pictures showing what Trichs look like are from leaves. So,in the morning, when the lights on, I’ll check and see. Thanks!


The leaves are secondary. You want the buds to be ripe.


@bob31 Yes, but why would the leaves and bud be different? They are the same age, they’ve been in the same light, food, temps. etc.


@bob31, @Countryboyjvd1971
I’m getting ready to harvest again. When you are drying and curing, when does the grass smell go away? After drying, before curing? Or after curing?

I’m going to try to dry them slowly in the tent. Humidity in there is 50%, temp can be kept in the sixties. Wish me luck!


The smell will change once you start the curing process and trim all the sugar leaves off the buds
Make sure you burp the jars fir the first two weeks daily
Then l will burp once or twice a week fir next two weeks
I perfer twice a day myself for min 15 ea
After that leave sealed until needed
Also try to put buds in jars when they are around 55-60% humidity
Slow drying is best imo
Best wishes
:v:️ CB :cowboy_hat_face:


Thanks! That’s been my experience too, but I wonder how these growers who hang the buds for two months or more cure them? I read where they hang them under good conditions, and after a few months the smell is incredibly good. But I thought curing was an anaerobic process.
Anyway, yep, I burp the jars once a day to keep the Boveda packs functional. My ambient humidity is about 19%, and the packs have to work hard to regain 62% in the jar after burping.


Well, it’s harvest day. First up are the two Autos. I’ve become a believer in trimming as much as possible off the plant before drying. Here’s the Blueberry during trimming.


And after:


And then it was the Northern Lights Autos turn. Sorry, no pictures of that but what impressed me was the size of her stem. Her stem was 1/4 inch thick! I like Autos as they are easy to grow, trouble free and the buds are just as sugary and potent as the photos. This Northern Light turned out very well for a mutated appearing seedling.


Very nice! I’m anxious to see what kind of weight you end up with. I’ve been considering running some autos.


@ElJefe92. The Northern Lights weighed in at 160 grams wet. I figure that will be 80 grams cured.
The Blueberry was 70 grams wet, but that includes stems and branches. I’m guessing 28 grams cured.
With one gram averaging $15 where I live, that’s $420 worth on the Blueberry. And $1200 on the Northern Lights. So, I think they make sense to grow.

They don’t produce as much as a photo. I just weighed one GSC and she came in at 340 grams, wet trimmed buds from a SCROG. Finishing up the second GSC now. The GSC have a beautiful shade of pink in the buds