Learning to SCRoG and trim

This is my second grow, and I wanted to increase the yield per plant. The consensus seems to be that for soil grown plants SCRoG and careful trimming are the way to go.

In the 4x4 tent will be two Girl Scout Cookie clones and they get the full size screen. I also have a Fruit Punch Auto that’s finishing up. And I’m germinating an ILGM Blueberry and Northern Light Autos. Both autos will have their own SCRoG.

There are a lot of intriguing SCRoG designs on this forum. I went with a PVC frame, covered in wire and hung in the tent. Simple and inexpensive.


You’ll love the technique
Look up @hillcrest21678 he has a thread on scrogging he kills it
Ate screen about 25 inches off tent floor let them grow up to screen :+1: Cb :sunglasses:


Yeah, I wondered about the height. GSC seems to grow about 5ft I trimmed, so I set the screen at 22 inches

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Learn from my mistakes…scrog them individually. If you have issues that require you to work on your plants (ie:flushing etc) you are going to be in a better position if you make 3 different screens as opposed to one screen for 3 plants.

I learned the hard way.


@rodri59 has a good point I did the same on first scrogged 4 big mistake one will yield the most from the technique @Loneviking


Good point and the reason I built a SCRoG that only covers half the tent. I can reach all around the plants to work on them without having to pull them out. The two or three Autos in front will have their own screens.

Yeah I thought that would help too.:no_entry_sign: Nope. When those plants get larger and you need to move them for whatever reason you will rue the day you scrogged more than one in a screen :crazy_face: Hope you don’t have the problem…good luck with your grow!!


That’s what we are here for @rodri59 not only to discuss our great achievements but also our biggest defeats
I personally like telling folks what I’ve done wrong or right so they can learn from my mistakes also
And sometimes we miss or forget to mention something so if you can add to a conversation that’s great my friend
We all learn frim each other here as you know
If the world did the same it would be a great place to live imo :+1::v:️CB :cowboy_hat_face:
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Odd, hillcrest did it with a setup like mine and didn’t seem to have a problem. It wouldn’t be hard to separate them at this point, so let me think about it.

Any suggestions on height? I’ve got the screen at 22 inches.

Mine is fine I have containers underneath to catch runoff and use shop vacuum to soak up

All under 1 net (3 plants)

Yeah, I was planning on an aluminum catch pan under them and I can get all the 60cc syringes I could ever use. I can’t think of why I would have to pull them out . I can reach all around them to trim them. It seems like legs would just get in the way. Still thinking though…

@rodri59 had a nutrient issue which required flushing while in a tent in a basement in the back, SCROG’ED to all the others and trying to run 15 gallons of water through 1 plant. Not a pretty sight I’m sure lol.

If you do have an issue then you at least have the option.

One advantage I see is being able to rotate them in your grow space.


Oh, I see what his problem was. With my setup I could pretty easily cut it in half if I had too. I’m going to stick with it and cross my fingers for luck.

Otherwise, the Fruit Punch keeps on growing and blooming. It’s right at 22 inches tall, which seems tall for an auto. And the ILGM Blueberry and Northern Lights germinated and are in their pots.

The ILGM Autos surfaced two days ago. This morning they still had their seed pods on! So, very gently, I popped off their pods liberating the tiny green leaves.

The Fruitpunch Autos hairs are starting to turn red, so I’m guessing in about two weeks she’ll be ready for harvest.

And the chore for today is to rebuild the SCRoG into two individual units for the GSCs that are racing to reach the wire.

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@hillcrest21678 is a vet with scrogs I’m sure if you ask there were problems in the beginning for him to

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No problems with the SCRoG yet. A couple of fellows early in the thread warned that I would probably regret a single, large hanging SCRoG. After thinking about it, having to reach under to water the plants and bumping it lots of times—well, I’m going for seperate Scrogs for each plant.


Well, the ILGM sprouts didn’t make it. They looked a sickly brown ever since they broke ground. Dunno why. They were in a fresh pot of FFOF, and I’ve had other plants germinate in that soil with no problem. Time to put two more seeds in the water!

I pulled out the dead seedlings to see if I could see what went wrong. Here’s a couple of pictures. The seeds grew a nice tap root, so they were viable seed. But the odd stem color and misshapen leaves puzzle me.

The good news is that the two SCRoG tables are built and back in the tent. The tables are set at 22 inches and the top leaves of the GSC are starting to reach through. These clones are really growing fast and looking good.


Ffof is too strong and over 50% of strains can’t take it.