Learning Main-Lining

Ok first up some pic’s of just a couple of plants that iem going to be working with during my learning experience of main-lining. If any of you want to add any input please feel free to do so .Maybe we all can learn something here.
Ok…the pic’s

Ok, so here are my three plants I want to main-line. I have an idea on this but not quite sure where to start.
If the pic’s aren’t suited I can re-do and get a better close up.


see the two growth tips between the main stem and fan leaves,when these get bigger that is what you wanna tie down and let turn back up toward the light so it makes like a football goal,at that point you have a 2 bud plant,

It should look like this after you top,tie down and wait a few days,he removed everything but the growth tips including the fan leaves under growth tip after it grew out a little and produced it’s own fan leaves,am I making sense or am I being confusing

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Sorry I forgot something,when nug buckets tops for the first time he tops down to the third node,once those 2 grow tips at 3rd mode get big enough (usually a couple days) he will remove all growth but those two growth tips at 3rd node so the plant put all it energy into that one node

Will all you have to do is tie them down ah little , don’t split the stalk , if so just duck tape tight at the break . But it looks like it wants to mainline . You got it sir .

That is perfect Cash. The pic you put up explains it’s self " perfect " and no you are not being confusing at all. At this point I need to tie the limbs back
here is a pic of one tied down.

Is this correct?


Should I trim under where it splits.


It looks right,they should turn back up towards the light within a day or two.and you can go ahead and trim under the split,I waited a day or two just so the plant had more leaves to soak up light and help it grow a little

Has anyone given you the link to nug buckets tutorial yet.it explains mainlining plants from seeds and clones cause the steps can vary a little depending on what you started with.it took me a few times of reading it before I caught on

Ok then…I’ll do the others the same way. I’ll post around next weekend cause you guys will see more of a change and Cash…Thank You


Oh no problem man,hope you get some nice buds off those ladies

Well with you guys and Stoner and Latewood I don’t see where i can miss. I’ve will keep you all posted…


The bit of advice I can offer is to be patient and let your plant grow 6-7 nodes before topping it the first time then moving on to the next step. That way when it’s stressed it can recover quicker.

The stalks should be symmetrical and even. That way the plant can evenly disperse food and energy to the main stems. In theory giving your plant big even colas. My plant went into flower two days ago, I’ll update my grow journal for everyone.

Thank you very much and I will do that. Your plant looks awesome.
It will take a bit for me to get the hang of it and like you said " Patient’s "
Thank you hydrogreen and I look forward to your posts


60% milky and about 20% Amber .


Well here is an update on my ladies clones…

Well they sure perked up quick.
I did this Sunday night.


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I’m not sure if some of those plants are technically “mainlined” but they are LST and you should get a bunch of tops and still be happy with the results. They are looking good.

I was thinking what Mac said, it doesn’t have that “mainline” look where each new set is symmetrical. They do however look a lot better now that they’ve gotten bigger. Next plant you start from seed you should give it another try. That way you can follow nugbucket’s technique step by step. Keep up the good work though!

Item trying lol as long as I learn something it’s all good.