Learning how to mainline

First time I topped, I topped only once and harvested a 2 cola plant , I guess thats why no body does it that way

Now running a 2 plant set up a Gorilla Glue

and Blue Dream ,


blue getting ready for next top in a couple of days


Those girls look really nice… I have no experience with this but I can’t wait to learn.

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Thank you bro , definitely I’m an entry level grower And learning , but you can feel confident seeing us new growers made mistakes then you can check the more experienced Grower journals and get some tips to improve or ask for support

I follow this guy that does mainlining on almost all his plants and if you need any help he wouldn’t mind helping you when needed @Arrow im gonna ask him to help me on my next grow cause i want to try it cause they will all be photos right now I’m running autos but your plant looks nice ill be following along throughout your grow if you don’t mind


Just get some Reggie seeds to try it out inexpensive, and get some idea , but definitely don’t spend efforts on Reggie ,on the long run you’ll always want to get some good quality seed with great genetics :dna:

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Hey @Randy_Marsh if ya need any pointers let me know, I will also tag you in my future mainline journals. Have one starting flower now. I will tag you in that too.

If you have any questions please ask.


Thank you for the tag an following along , will check his journals see if I can get any pointers

That branch management , thank you most def I’ll take a look , great stuff man looking awesome

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I will be starting another in a week so you can see everything. I always sex my seeds out first. Never waste time doing this if ya don’t know if they are female or not.

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Remember you control the plant, it will do whatever you want it to do.

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No idea about what that is -sexing

If I am running some photo regs, I give them about 2-3 weeks and throw them in flower to see if they are M/F, throw out the guys. So I don’t waste time.

I see , will have to read to understand

this is my 3rd and probably final cut , this should make an 8 cola plant , definitely Gorilla Glue it’s a resilient plant good choice for leaning

Blue dream it less suited for any crazy routine , definitely a more delicate plant still waiting for recovery so we can do the second cut


@Arrow will you tag me in too please? I have some ak in the nursery and want to try this out. Can you mainline one and and then let the other 4 grow up in the corners of the tent? I think it would look amazing I just don’t know enough to know if work as the canopy height would drop corners to center.

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@Nickknowsfunny those are some amazing training techniques. Let me know when you start your new one so I can follow along please.

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I’ll tag you over… You have the height issue nailed though…:sunglasses::v:


Damnit Marsh! How long you gonna veg those things for!

:wink: that’s only issue I ever had with that technique. It slows down production.

Keep up the great content Marsh, you got Tegridy!