Learning how to auto

I edited! thanks for that info!

No sweat low. It’s a guideline generally here take a look. Remeber always stick to the nutrient line you buy follow the ppm for that nutrient.

Look at that the chart says I’m wrong your right @low lol

It’s getting time to feed I would get a nutrient and start feeding in my experience again there are all guidelines.

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i have AN-big bud, seaweed/kelp, humic acid, cal-mag .
and remember just got them out of nute lockout

thats the ppm you put in

So those are all not main nutrient lines you need a full nutrient. Stuff in bottles comes in an A & B

Go to your local store and grab whatever is on sale, AN is not necessarily better for the price anything will do go for the best price.

As you might well know our favourite to recommend is the 3 part Jack’s dry nutrient but thst might not be realistic to you due to mailing time.

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so for the next run i need some thing like jacks 3-2-1 . for when i get to mid flower and nutes are used up

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Yes. For now you may have to buy a small bottle of some flower nutrient whatever is cheap or on sale.

What you could do today though is top dress with super soil. Fill the top of your pots up with fresh soil and that will add nutrients. Well next time you water through that soil at least

If you wanted to stay organic you could learn how to brew teas, they are like organic nutrients you brew in a bucket,

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yes plan on doing that and add Alaska morebloom (0-10-10 with next watering. will that work ?
oh i forgot i do have some ILGM flowretime

and yes teas seem easy enough to do just need to read up on it more. thanks
:alien: happy growing

Mix a little bit of the kelp stuff with the more bloom and some cal mag, PH it and feed it.

I don’t know the products but kelp is nitrogen and the others are your PK. And then cal mag.

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but i thought you where not to give nitrogen while in flower am i wrong about that ?

Correct you are wrong.
They need a little nitrogen
Just not as much. As PK

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ok thanks for all your advice @Nicky and @Low you have me on the right track .
Nicky Tuesday i will get microscope in and do some tric. picks to show

Sweet I’ll look forward to seeing them. Still early but good to be ready

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sept. 12th gave some nutes flower time 15/6/30 , with plant boost 0/27/27 some big bud at 0/1/3 and some Kelp-tivate at 0/0/2 . all where at 1/2 dose .

today is sept. 14th I flushed again , seeing some new tip burn figured better . so maybe i am feeding to much for being in super soil . most numbers look ok i think.
green crack
in ppm 37 out ppm 1291 pH in was 6.25 out pH 6.03
in ppm 35 out was ppm2100 pH in 6.25 out pH 6.30

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@Nicky @Low @SilvaBack203 @alexankh looks like it wont be to much longer , maybe 10 days throw her in the dark . :pray:
:alien: happy growing


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Sugar leaves or calyxes?


lol you got me i could hardly figure it out , first scope pics. could not even hold it still . spent more time licking the end of the scope , got so sticky .

:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: that’s when the real waits begging the drying process n curing

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I can relate! LOL always hoping to taste something. Trace the stigmas to the calyx.

Gorgeous plant BTW