Learning how extreme GSCX really is


2 out of 3 made it do that’s not bad.


Feed yesterday with r/o water

Kind Base - 2 ml
Liquid karma - 2.5 ml
Ph - 5.84
Ppm - 123

5 gallon smart pots
100% coco coir / general hydroponics brick from amazon
1/2 of pearlite on top to help with bugs . Also amazon cheapest


Just wondering if


Switched light to 18/6 yesterday.
Not much other going on.


I’m guessing the brown strips are nutrient residue ? Idk :neutral_face: lol


Hey glad to see you back and she’s so cutie


She looks good to me man :+1:


Thanks @Onlythebest79 , I’m hoping they both make it. I’ve already lost one .


Thanks @Noctis420


Well one girl is growing the other is umm .not so great .

Hard to believe that little one is still alive but it’s got just a small piece of leaf on it and that seams to be enough.


Wow they are taking there sweet time.


Lmao , truth my brother truth .

I’m guessing operator error . Idk .
I wanna drop more seeds but not sure if I should.


All right , all right , all right…

Good morning Grow fam… the small 2x2 tent with the single 2 foot t5 has been taken down and replaced with the 3x3 tent and 2 foot 8 bulb t5 . I’ve only turned on the outside bulbs to allow the plant an adjustment period. And it’s also a little higher then it should be.

Damn I love this light lol

I believe the other seedling isn’t gonna make it . But for som reason I can’t throw it away yet.

And I’ll wait another day or two before feeding again as the coco still fells moist .


Man you have been working I see


Found this


Have you ever done super silver haze


Nope not yet , but hopefully one day. Right now all I have going is one sweet Skunk Auto. My next run will hopefully be gg4. Ordering seeds tomorrow.



Slowest seedling ever :point_up:


Hey hey hey let her take her time because she’s got a surprise for you