Learning how extreme GSCX really is


Well I show you what’s new
Cloning station

The two on the left I took two days ago the othe are at week 3-4 , about to take 4-6 more in a couple days all lemon :lemon: O.G.
And there mommy

She still has a ways to go only week 6 veg just over half way. Another one of her clones behind her to the left and right .
I had a major malfunction in my led tent , jump the gun on a few things and lost almost the whole thing. I’ll be lucky :four_leaf_clover: to get 2.5 oz when I should’ve had 7-8 but lessons learned I guess.


Thanks man I’m definitely getting the hang of it now besides calmag setbacks lol. I was using about 15ml of calmag in about 3 gallons of water. I’ve been using the advanced nutrients feeding chart since I switched over to them. I like you’re idea about adding the calmag to a set ppm first so I’ll take this approach to the new plants, monitor ph closer and see if it makes a difference. I initially always put it in first but never took a tds reading so I will do this next feeding! I just phd my tap water to 5.8 and poured it on my seeds they were getting a little dry. I can see one has sprouted :seedling:. That :lemon: og sounds like a awesome flavor I would want to try it. Nice clone setup too I want to try and clone the blueberry og before flower to keep her alive only had one seed so hopefully I can keep a cycle going. I don’t really have a cloner setup yet. That’s to bad about your problem in the led tent though the mother looks really green and healthy though!@Wishingilivedina420state


Thanks @Noctis420 I can’t wait to try my lemon :lemon:. I really suggest you look in to a diy bubble cloner, it’s so simple to build and only cost about $30-$50 . A lot better than $200-$300 for the store bought set up, and works the same. And yeah calmag calmag calmag.


Gonna see what my options are for a bubble cloner once I get some more money. This has become a very addicting hobby. :money_with_wings: I’m in about the middle of week 3 of vegging. I plan on vegging for a while to train the plants a bit and I need to update my carbon filters they are doing good for veg but they failed in flower last grow so they will certainlyfail again lol. But I should be able to get clones once I can afford to do a diy bubble cloner then I’ll be good. :+1:


Get every thing from Walmart and the dollar store for the cloner, you’ll love it. I promise


So I found a thread on here for a diy bubble cloner.

What do you think of that setup?

Also I’ve got 3 newnewborn sprouts ilgm og kush!

Also does my blueberry og look bigger today to you? I think it does but I can’t tell maybe this :strawberry: got me messed up lol.


@Noctis420 Honestly yes it does look bigger but you’re in Hydro , that thing grows by the second. A 3-4 week veg for you is 6-9 weeks for me.
That bubble cloner set up is great , @ktreez420 is the man at hydro. But I think he only uses hps/mh not led but it’s been awhile since I’ve seen his setup.

The new seedlings look great. Temps and rh perfect imo.


Now something new to my thread country music :notes: but this is an awesome song

I grow weed


Was just wondering if it looked bigger cause it looked stunted 2 me since the fim, first time I ever tried to do it. I’m going to build something similar to what he made but that’s some great info in there. I’ll check out that song later when i get home haha.


Just looking at the last two pics you posted I see some new growth. @Noctis420


Well that’s good I should stop checking on them so much then I’ll notice more haha that song is hilarious too :laughing: @Wishingilivedina420state


@Noctis420 it’s on now


Steel drivers rock! One of my wifey and my favorite outdoor chill music. And i shoot a T.N.T.bow at 65lbs gold tip pro and the wasps 2 blade expendables and even out 35yrd they fly the same as my 100gr. feild points. And the last dear i hit at 20+yrds had a bigger exit hole then when i hit em with my 30-30…
Very cool to know others here are archery shooters.
So im in PA and med. Marijuana becane legal on 1-1-18 and they are making us choose, m.m.card or our conceal to carry permits. Pa wants to take our guns if we get our m.m.scripts…?? Any other states do this?? Sorry not trying to hijack your thread. Reading about bows got me going…lol


Didn’t you have issues growing the GSC-X? I’ve got one misbehaving on me haha.


@Familyman420 That guys no longer around


@Myfriendis410 many many issues not sure all of it was strain related :joy: but if I can help I will .


@Myfriendis410 what problems are you having?


I’m starting week 6 of flower and the plant is wanting to finish. I did a full flush with Florakleen yesterday and reintroduced FF Cha Ching today (coco). I was wondering if you had starts and stops to bud production. Yields are gonna be low too. For the work I should pull 8 oz but I’ll likely get 4, if she goes 65 days!


I’m in week 7 gscx, first time growing her and a clone coming in behind her. The square footage I’m growing in should yield 1.5lbs, I’m thinking I’ll get half of that. :no_mouth:


@Wishingilivedina420state this plant expressed sativa dominant from the beginning. Very frosty. Some deficiencies but I’m at week 6 after all.