Learning how extreme GSCX really is


Stoner up date

Ok the last harvest I had was 3 plants and after curing a branch that broke off st week 9 I think was wow by its self. After curing the rest I ti took the plant I femmed a little bit early it’s still just as good as the mother was the bud swelling test clone finished 2 1/2 weeks earlier then the other two but had the best couch lock and it’s definitely a hit and sit smoke. The one I didn’t do anything to is also a night time smoke only. While the fim plant is great smoke I wish I’d let her go a week are two longer, but then again I do need to be able to function during the day.
So I guess I’m saying that the clones did great besides some major fox tailing on two plants. definitely a killer strain imo not a beginner strain but still fun to grow,


It’s been awhile so bud porn

@Oldstoner how are your cookies doing, I got about two weeks before harvest . Finally got some good purple in there I hope :crossed_fingers:.


I took the 300w hps out of the tent. Moved the led in the center and raised to 18" from 16" .

While I will say the plant with the led on it has super hard large buds as the hps plant has smaller less dense buds. Also the led has brought out the purple lots more. I do like both light, I think I’m sticking with the led for a while. Still keeping the hps as a backup. Who knows I do want a bigger tent soon as well.


3 hours till harvest time…

Bud porn will update…


@Noctis420 I didn’t wanna clog up someone else’s tread so. Came back to mine. Any way working my ass off lately . Finally got a 3 light setup, and running two strains hopefully adding another next week. How did your strawberry :strawberry: kush turn out?


Yeah true they probably don’t want are convo lol @Wishingilivedina420state I’m working my butt off too. The :strawberry: is awesome it’s better than the pineapple by far. I got rid of all the pineapple to a friend. I also had og kush in there I love it. I ordered more from here and planted 3 yesterday! Right now I’m running two tents a 2x2.5 and a 3x3x6 and the 3foot cab which the new seeds are in. Im going to try for a two tent rotation so i can harvest every 2 months. I have 3 decent lights now 2 mars hydro 300w and one 600w. I attempted to F.I.M the blueberry its yet to recover though. I just got the bigger tent today. My original plan flopped the 4x8x6.5 was 2 big for my space lol. Anywho I have a blueberry og and 2 others that I mixed up don’t know which one they are either pineapple kush or pineapple chunk lol. One thing though I got a bad case of calmag deficiency again and added calmag from the start don’t get why I get it every grow so far. It really stunted the plants but they are looking better now. Been fighting low temps too. Also the nodes are super close so the blueberry og fan leaves are giant and we’re blocking everything underneath I had to cut them off stuff was dying under them. I was going to try to scrog this time too.


O dude the calmag issue are going to be every grow. And if your in hydro it’s gonna get bad fast and stay there. What’s bad about hydro it kinda speeds up deficiencies ,but you can correct then faster with hydro. I’d say just add a little more calmag to every Rez change, or every watering if your in media.
Congrats on the :strawberry:. And I’m jealous if you’ve got blueberry og from barneys. Almost got that one but went with some critical kush, northern light, dr.greenthumbs em dog , and u.k. Cheese :cheese: . When you get time check out grow boss on utube I’ve been watching for awhile it’s got me doing way better with feeding by ppm.
I finally got a 3x3x6 for my 400w hps. Still running the 600w mars hydro, and getting a 2x4x5 tent with another 400x hps on a light mover.


Yeah @Wishingilivedina420state the calmag was a pH issue I think. It went to high for a short time maybe? and they just started to hurt. Still running dwc. Yeah grow boss is were I learned about the tent rotation stuff it’s very interesting I’ll check out his nute info. The rotaton is basically 1 in veg one in flower and always have clones. Yep the blue og she’s from barney’s farm I almost got critical kush! Haha. Her leaves are so huge man I’ll post some pics later when I get home. I put in extrả calmag and it seemed to do nothing. It must of been a lock out and it happened fast it $ucks it sets everything back. I’m wondering if the rapid rooters effect calmag. Couldn’t find any evidence of that though. Coco likes to leach calmag I read but it’s not really coCo it’s some kind of tree materials I think. :thinking:


I’m hoping to avoid the calmag issue for the 3 og kush I just planted I must be missing something or doing something wrong? The pH was at 6.5 when I noticed the first sign of deficiency. I know 5.8 is the sweet spot but these pH nute uptake charts seem to be all different. @Wishingilivedina420state


Every plant I grow I have to start out giving calmag and don’t stop till weeks 3-4 flower. And as much as I used to say ph lock out, now I don’t believe in it. I feed very little now, use the perfect ppm calculator by the grow boss. Seine I started using it I haven’t had any other issue other then calmag or heat stress. There are 6 videos on perfect ppm and then a single video on utube . Best advice I can give is watch them all as many times as you can. He has a live show every weekend Saturday and Sunday. I’ll be in the live chat under Cajun Kush. Start at 11 your time I think. It’s the best thing To happen to my garden since I ordered good seeds.


My last run of GSCX


6.5 is really high for hydro as far as I know, and that could be a problem if the ph levels are to high for the plant to take calmag in. So I guess a ph lock does exist if it’s not at the right ph. Lol . but it sounds like you’ve caught the problem and are fixing it .


Some companies put different things in there coco. I think all of them have a little tree bark in them. It’s just ground up real fine. I think but don’t quote me on that.


Yeah I germinated with ph 6.5 distilled so maybe I need to drop it to 5.8 first. It’s just that the pH down is powerful with no nutrients in the water so it’s hard to get it perfect I figured I don’t need nutes to germ but maybe it’s whata messing me up. My tap is 8.0 with 55ppm maybe I shouldn’t use distilled anymore but I like starting with 0ppm you know? I used the the tap on the 3 seeds I planted so I’ll just monitor pH more closely and see if there is a difference.


Wait til you see these plants they are just growing so weird. I decided to add silica for the first few feedings this plant is muscular :laughing: . My last grow the stems were a bit flimsy and silica is supposed to strengthen the limbs I guess. Anyway I want you to tell me if I should prune the leaves so underneath gets light. I’ll try to find that TV show but I don’t have WiFi right now just my phone for Internet unfortunately.



Oh and I’m really jealous of your grow you must of made out really well. :+1:


Oh and one other thing. What did you use for a Scrogg? Did you build something or buy it?


Mixed up my strains lol some of them died so this one is either pineapple kush, dream machine or pineapple chunk.

Here is blueberry og and another unknown lol



Here is the F.I.M

So what do you think? @Wishingilivedina420state


Ok here’s the thing , 0 ppm to start is great it’s RO water . But you need to add the calmag back start low like 50 ppm and build up to 150-200 ppm calmag then add nutes. That’s what I’ve been doing since in coco. Because only soil has any nutes. Hydro and any other media ( by media I mean not soil.) we add what we need from start. And if your in hydro at ph 5.8 just start and stay there. I use 5.8 - 5.9 for my coco start to finish. Rapid rooters rock wool are all media not soil start at 5.8

I made all my scrog nets , it’s my one builder project I get to do. Kiss method


I think I’m dreaming @Noctis420 . Bro really nice . :clap::clap::clap::clap: there all so green and look so happy :grin:. Gonna be a big yeild.

I got word last night my northern lights will be here Monday, but it’s nothing to that blueberry og . My mouth is watering just looking at her.