Learning how extreme GSCX really is


That’s pretty respectable for the short veg time! Amazing plants aren’t they?


Yes they are @Myfriendis410 It’s awesome to watch them grow . Live and learn GSCX likes a bit longer veg and that’s ok :ok_hand:. Just wish it didn’t take so long to flower. 70 days plus the stretch almost 3 full months. I found some 45-50 day indica strains for this set of grows. 5 new strains for my garden.


That’s good to know as I just got seeds last week. Not worried about the longer cycle but might want to do a complete run of GSCX.


Good luck I wouldn’t run a bunch at one time unless you have a lot of space, scrog net or not. But if you have the room go for it,…


Theses girls were cut back to 1/2 of there mom and put in smaller pots veg and flower, I was trying to harvest every month but it didn’t work out right, so they just ended up together. Still harvest every 6-8 so that’s not to bad.


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Just feed the baby’s in coco loco :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and of course a little super cropping cause why not, and yes they are in there for ever homes :house_with_garden: 1 gallon smart pots. Feed feed water all the way threw flower.

Well I have an early night and a early morning with a long day tomorrow,

2 b con ten you’d


O crap I’m not going to sleep early

Shouldn’t take too long I hope :crossed_fingers:


@Oldstoner this is the best pic of the fim job I did day before flower :point_up_2:t2: Going to try for an upskirt shoot to night


Now I’m done :white_check_mark:


Oh man very very nice . Yeah man I am hooked on 2 new experiments for next grow now . I dont think I will ever grow without a scrog again .So now it’s time to play with it more . Next grow I’m going back to trying a indoors vertical scrog bit start with that in mind this time it was a sorry looking litte girl got her back under the regular scrog before it was to late and she has vastly improved. Next grow I’m going to pick one and fimm all the pre buds just before flipping to 12 12 because the one I fimmed just took off and is the best looking top I have .


You are never done! Time to grow some more plants mwhahah. But good job with what you done… To get denser buds it really to do with more lights and I’ve always find that 1000w HPS give me really dense buds over 600w. No experience with LED though… Really about the light penetrating! Good luck on your next grow though and get them dense buds!


My 300w hps did great not as nice as a 1000 but my tent is only 32"-32"-53" inches…so yeah. But cutting back to 200w hps and adding a 600w marshydro led with a 280w actual draw. I thought I was gaining more watts but I don’t know now.gonna add 2 more 600w marshydro and take out the hps for a grow and try it onice or twice. If it worsens I’ll go back to hps.


Yeah never played around with LED myself since i got heaps of 400w 600w and 1000w lighting equipment already… For the few dollars that i save on power with results idk but I’m going to continue doing my thing for now maybe in the next couple of years when LED matures a bit more haha

I guess i like the yellow glow and the heat coming off the bulb and how it just heats up an entire space especially around cooler climates it doubles as heating for the grow room not so good for when you live out in hot places haha.


Stick with what ya know, good advice. And I know that mars hydro is a low end light $130 for a 600w led . I mean yeah it’s cheap.


I just hope putting almost 900 watts of true draw works better then a 400 hps


I got a light meter and my lights hahah i keep them within their lumen range… Give me a good indication of when I need to change the bulb too when the lumen start dropping off not sure how that works exactly with LED as it has different spectrum of lighting and not easily replaceable other then buying a new unit.

But nothing last forever anyways parts wear out on all things as long as you are getting the results you want for the money you putting into and got that sucker dialed in I reckon you be all sweet!


Starting with my 3rd gen cookie :cookie:

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Peyote cookies


I got purple

Turned up the hps to 300w
600w led

So 580 tru watts in a 32"-32"-53" tent
My wpsf must be crazy hi