Learning how extreme GSCX really is


Well do @Covertgrower , I must warn these will not be ilgm seeds. But I am expanding my cookie collection by quit a bit.


No worries here, I didn’t find this site in time to order from here either. I ordered mine from somewhere else. Wish there was a way to suggest the other place you may have purchased them from… I’m always willing to try something new. @Wishingilivedina420state


Yeah I love the fulpower I wish fox farm would get there own and a calmag and silica, maybe in time. But for now it’s all I have to add to the line. (Silica only in my coco loco :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:). Be sides that I think I’ve kinda for the most part figured out fox farm .

You do know to add humic acid first then the rest of the nutes. It really does make a difference.


Witch one should I choose for the new seeds

  • Fox farm ocean forest
  • Fox farm coco loco

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I see the ocean forest is in the lead , gonna wait a week atlest maybe 2


Go Coco or go home


However did I know you voted coco @hillbilly103


I’m a loco hillbilly


@Wishingilivedina420state this the Weedpatch switch board you have a call on line 1





This is the bus swelling test clone almost ready for harvest , no dark period well be given for this plant as a test as well.

Imo 48 hrs of dark to add tricons just isn’t worth it knowing her mom had 48 dark and I didn’t see any different I gonna try something different



Coco Loco clones

That was the 3rd gen GSCX
2nd gen … fim cut clone

Major super cropping 1gal smart pots 6 week’s in veg I think


Excellent grow and information included! Getting ready to put my three indicas in flower right behind my current progress. Two of which are gscx, I’ll definitely know who to contact for expert advice. Thanks for the knowledge sharing!


Anytime @CooperinKredible


Yeah, looking really good for six weeks. Mine are in need of the same attention. I’ve GOT to order those seeds.


None stop super cropping lst and scrog training all it is


Yeah, I do the same. I’m just slow on the 8 ball for my 3 coco girls.