Learning how extreme GSCX really is




@hillbilly103 what up?



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Broke a limb on the fem clone :sob::sob: flushing her and the clone I did nothing to with sledgehammer, bud swelling test clone starting final water flush. Lots more amber with her so you know what that means. Got the branch hanging in the dryer tent temps 66f / rh 55%


It’s a beautiful looking plant. I hope it ends up being a lot.


Thank you @Covertgrower , but to be honest the two giant looking buds are airy they only look good in the pics. Major fox tailing in both plants that were not femmed. I’m sure the smoke will be great , but it would have awesome if they were solid nugs . The bottom pic is nice hard nugs gonna save those for a special occasion.


@Wishingilivedina420state I understand light and airy buds, but do not understand what causes it, do you know?


In this case no I can’t say I do, I’m still learning and sure I messed up something somewhere. They are all clones of the same plant the only difference was I topped the mom and fim the one the other two I did nothing to. I’m lost that’s all I can say at this point I’m really lost.


Cookie porn my favorite :yum:


Who cares? Those are gorgeous!


Airy buds is usually a genetic thing, can be heat issues, not enough light and few other things. I doubt it was the fault of the grower in this case.


Thanks @BLZD , well why these two plants have airy buds is beyond me , same lights as my last grow . I’m going with genetics, when I top my plants I get great buds but when I let this GSCX plant go without toppings it did that bs. So I gotta go with it’s just in the plant to be this way. O well new seeds will be here tomorrow, try new genetics


@hillbilly103 I use fulpower in the middle


I use silica blast alll the way right


I’m doing Gold Leaf and Sour Diesel and the SD nugs are like big chunks of plutonium and the Gold Leaf feel like marshmallows haha. Genetics.


My newest


I’m gonna start some new seeds real soon ,


@Wishingilivedina420state tag me when you do! Love people starting new stuff! It gets me all excited almost as if it was mine! In relation to the posts above, I used kelp, and fulvic/humic acid. Great additions to the regular feeding schedule.