Learning how extreme GSCX really is


We all do that


There…got it back :grin:


We will be getting the kinks out before long…been too dang hot here lately…be slangin carbon afore ya know it.


Wish I had a bow like that


I gotta go shoot a few soon been dieing to go practice, but my neighbors are pricks so not in the yard or while there home atlest.


They act like that over archery? Glad we live in the country…you ask how our indoor plants are doing…fixin to put on some more pics.


Awesome tag me in


Just did…


Print this out and tape it to their front door




But not when I’m stoned, every body knows :joy: lol


I’ve been using 100 grain Rage 2 blade in my PSE X Force with Gold Tip Pro and they do shoot like field points and will shoot through a cow femur without collapsing. I’ve shot clean through big boar hogs and dug the shaft out of the dirt on the other side. And, it IS like throwing an axe through an animal hahaha!



Are you ok brother I see Harvey is heading directly towards or past you.


o yeah we’re good . boat has gas and I got grass @Onlythebest79 . I’m not worried it’s down graded some I think and were I’m at now doesn’t flood bad. Gonna take off work and smoke out.


R you okay 420?


Yes sir @Viktor7 doing great just drizzling rain and a little wind thank god I can’t flood two years in a row.


Kick back toke out and dig on some great tunes



@CooperinKredible how’s the grow going


@hillbilly103 how did you become a regular I’ve been trying for a year. I’ve completed everything