Learning how extreme GSCX really is


Sometimes I tie them down but mostly just tuck when I can.


Looking good dude. Good call on the TDS meter. Your plants are obviously happy so something doesn’t track.


Yeah something’s off with that thing, not sure what it is. So I’m getting a blue labs combo set ppm and ph.

Bluelab Combo Meter for Plant Germination https://www.amazon.com/dp/B003PD2N8Q/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_y9gPzb2704YYV

I’m thinking this will work a little better


Up date

Got two new bongs yeah!!!

And both of them are awesome
Moveing on flushed the pots in coco loco. 1 gal smart pots 1gal sledgehammer flush ph 5.8
Gave each pot 1/4 gal at a time checked run after each 1/4 gal . Finally after 3/4 gal run off back to 5.8 went ahead used other 1/4 checks out good . Each 1/4 gal was allowed to set in tray for 30-60 minutes .
Tomorrow they each get fox farm boomerang 1/2 dose.

G2 fim clone

And now the gen 3 clone

And to the flower tent were I’m watering the younger clones n 5gal smart pots week 2 again and again at 1/2 dose

Really likeing her Stretch

Her sister wants to stay more bushy and that’s on me for topping to close to flower , bad @Wishingilivedina420state.
Moveing on

Well she isn’t doing to bad , ok big bud porn

And that’s the one quart bottle

I’ll be honest both those plants are airy as a balloon but they look good on camera I think.
Now rock hard nugs baby

Also lowered both hps and led lights about 4 inches

Led at 17 inches from net

Hps at 20 inches from net


You totally blow me away with those awesome plants
I love your new bongs especially the blue one
I see your getting some hard ass rain sure hope the river don’t rise much
It’s a 12 hour drive but it’s dry and cool here if you’re looking to bug out
Be safe brother


Yea I love the plants and the bongs too dude, veryy nicee!!



@hillbilly103 and @ktreez420 thanks guys I really appreciate it.


Looking bitchin’! Those buds ought to tighten up in the final 2 weeks.

After my ph snafu I’m liking this coco. The plants are responding really well to GH Grow at 1/2 strength.


Those are in ocean forest soil, but I do have a couple plants in coco loco . Can’t wait to put them in flower. But both grows are at 1/2 strength and seem to be doing a lot better. It’s a lot of work hand watering on a feed , feed, water schedule , but I’m sure it will be worth it.


You outta find fish or seafood processing plant and pick up few buckets of scraps to compost into super play food!!


Been there soon that threw away the tee shirt. I’m in love with Fox Farm , they take care of me so I pay a reasonable fee . And that works for both of use.


Awesome looking buds… GSC extreme really looks great. Gosh, so many strains, so little tent. (Even my 4X8!)


Mine is 32 inch x 32 inches… I wish I had your tent @Covertgrower


Test running the dryer tent so far temps at 65 and humidity at 59% hopefully I want start the final flush for another 2-3 weeks but amber content is getting more and more waiting on 60%-70% amber before flushing.


Cookies Cookies Cookies
Cookie Monster luv Cookies


You can use 125 grain Muzzy MX3 or MX4 regular broadheads and they work good for Xbow bolts. My wife used to shoot an Xbow and I had some for my bow and they worked and flew good. She’s shooting a Mission Craze compound for the last few years and loves it. Usually Muzzy or Magnus broadheads work really well for Xbows…never bought any just for Xbows.


I’ve been shooting a bear the last few years with full metal jackets and 2 blade rage mechanical broadheads. My wife bearly target practices any more, and now she has a broke leg.


@Buck3 what happened


Don’t know…must have hit the wrong button. I’m apt to mess up from time to time.


I shoot a Hoyt CRX32 with Easton bloodlines and NAP spitfires. She shoots a Mission Craze with same arrows just spined different with Toxic cyclone heads.