Learning how extreme GSCX really is


Well I train under a screen but when they go in flower the net is just to keep the limbs spaced apart. My net goes up and down during the grow depending on plant size. Witch is y I’m adding the second net to help with that.


So when do you switch screen to net?they look beautiful and I would like to mimic this


screen , net same thing I think. Sorry if I confused you. I confuse myself most of the time.


So approx how much dried weight do you get this way? Just keeping the tops


That all depends on plant size and strain. But I got 1/2 pound from the plant and one ounce of tops.


I’m prior service combat vet so I have a very nice collection. I pretty much hunt deer and prefer range shooting over those rapid encounters however they do make the blood pump. I love hunting and all outdoor activities. I prefer to do lone wolf hunts and get too paranoid when they start letting those damn dogs run through woods fortunately I’m on 368ac. beside wildlife reserve and hunters don’t release dogs next to me out of fear they will crossover onto Gov. Land. Hell, I don’t hunt on it either. I will say I am amazed at some of the things being released or what I’ve spotted. Bears are now a constant where I am. I don’t hunt and I got an 800 lb male neighbor. Another friend told me he has a large mother on his place and we’re about 6 miles apart. So what was deer country is rapidly becoming bear country. They haven’t became nuisance yet.


Not many bears along the coast in California (I’ve only seen one) but we’re up to our butt cracks in mountain lions. Just a fact of life. I hunt almost exclusively on the Air Force Base next to me so that pretty much cuts out the bulk of the public. @Viktor7


Do u use the sledgehammer?


They will
I don’t hunt them ( bears ) but they keep trying to eat my spring calves and the electric fence around my garden doesn’t faze them.
I’ve got damage tags and use them when the dogs get 1 cornered


@Viktor7, @hillbilly103, what we do have is hogs. Those buggers will eat through helicopter wire! But out here they are good to eat.


@Myfriendis410 I hunt hogs in FL for bounty
We hunt, well hunts not really the term we kill them at night with a gen3 socom optics night scope mounted on a AR 10 platform chambered in 6.5 Creedmor Depending where I hunt I get $25 - $30 a hog


More of the fun? Hunt with or without dogs?


Both @Viktor7 depends on where we’re hunting
My buddy Pigman has large kennel of Pits bred just to hunt hogs


Yeah, different kind of hunting out here. You can often spot em here at 3 miles and shoot em (if so inclined) as far away as comfortable. Me: I like to hear the air go out of em when you get a good pass through with your bow.


Yes @Fever I use sledgehammer


Furthered I’ve killed pigs :pig: has been 1800ish yds 4 hogs with a custom 50 bmg at that range ya shoot where they’ll be not where there at
A pig hit with a 50 at over a mile is still nothing but sausage


This is just my opinion but wild pigs are a Nuisance and need to be eradicated at any distance with any weapon necessary , and I prefer them mix with deer , ground up and on the pit.

But that’s just me.


@Wishingilivedina420state, I think it depends on the area and the harm caused. Down south you guys have a terrible time with them and I completely agree. Where we are however, the hogs have to work awfully hard and are under a lot of predation pressure. Some parts of the state do have a big problem: not down here. They’re a legitimate trophy big game animal.


Trophies :flushed: Ask my buddy with the full auto Ruger Blackhawk what kind of trophy :trophy: they are :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


There must be a consumable algorithm