Learning how extreme GSCX really is


Totally awesome


Dude I tried 2 bowls of the cookie and I should have not smoked the second, I haven’t been that hi in years . Gotta go buy street weed just to smoke during the day. I swear I passed out for a minute couldn’t move couldn’t pick my head up with getting a little dizzy. An hour and a half just sitting there staring at a tv that wasn’t on.


I’m laughing hard from your post @Wishingilivedina420state… You need to take real weed dosage lol!


Dirt weed for a cookie hangover lmao :joy:
Start with a 1/2 bowl next time lol


@hillbilly103 and @Zombo yes 1/2 dose only one bowl at a time for a while gotta rebuild my tolerance


Guess I could have trimmed a little better


Looks good to me!


Cookies Cookies Cookies Cookies


Cookie :cookie: porn!!!


Lmfao @hillbilly103 that’s awesome, let’s talk about the word important,

Cookie important

Cookie very important

Very very important hillbilly, cookies very important

And baby cookie


More baby buds

Just look at the amount of super cropping

Clones in coco loco little clone is gen 3

Bondage porn under 21 turn away

Why so mean to the little girl, you know she like it…

And don’t for get hiiiiiidrooooow



Cookie porn very important :sunglasses:



Awesome results!!! I have a gscx going also. Very impressed with that out of a tent that size. I’m using the same as my veg tent. Great job! :smoking:


One secret guaranteed to grow a quicker bigger yieldig crop with bigger everything.I’ve grown every which way and experimented with so much and came across ADVANCED NUTRIENTS , There are many different nutrients available,all definitely work noticeable just by eye however you can get away with 4 or 5 and toss your nutrient and ph pen,not locked to your reservoir.PH changes through the night compared to day.The base nutrients are ph perfect so when used at coorect dosage your ph will be in the right range for a week but I use full amount nutrients everyday,never seen anything get such hick stems and grow so fast with massive amounts of roots.This is a live bacteria organic nutrients so can’t all be kept together.There’s a pic of a seedling at 12 days and in 10 I have something twice the size in everyway and from sprouted seed till 10 days later a large yoghurt container was close to rootbound before I transplanted 1 of 3 and the other 2 are now heaps bigger than the transplanted one and look like small trees all 3.This is a solution for saving time with adjusting ph and nutrients,huge root zone which gives huge buds.I just use LED lights ,FIM method or tip young then FIM BOTH BRANCHES FROM TIPPING AT 2 SITES EACH SIDE both FIMMED at the middle and end of each branch giving about 20 main branches around the same height plus remember light ony penetrates 3 feet so growing any higher than 3 ft indoors is a waste however get them to veg to 3 foot using the tipping fimming method giving 20 or so main branches with enough gaps for light around each bud site on all stemsYou could MASTER CROP but tipping after first 2-3 sets of leaves and try create 2 opposing laterals even if monster cropping or tying /training down each branch from tipping and try make it geometrical it works perfect for SCROG or indoor/utdoor,such as get them to the exact size you want and put outdoors to turn to bloom cycle.I’ve watched them get 3 times as hight/tall han when put outside and are finished full of thick juicy buds without any messy little popcorn stalks and buds which you’re better removing early so al growth goes into the major buds and it creates more room for light.Also don’t think I’m someone helping to advertise s if you aren’t happy you get full refund no questions but I guarantee you’ll never stop using it it’s specifically scientifically produced for our favorite plant only not other plants like every other nutrient plus getting perfect ph and nutrient level without ph and ecc pen/wand no ph up or down and you can go even further.Just search ADVANCED NUTRIENTS and order the grow,micro,bloom base nutrients along with piranha and ancient earth.The live bacteria all work living together and when you read what these do you’ll be amazed but even more amazed actually seeing the results.This stops worrying abot nutrient deficiency,nutrient burn or shitty plants due to water and soli ph which is adjusted non stop automatically just watering with the base nutrients,the other 2 mentioned drive roots to where you see them if you scratch into the surface and one uses all waste and turns it back into useable elements feeding the plants,it’s amazing stuff you won’t have anywhere near the problems that many have,even novice growers.Another important thing is obviously to prepare your growing medium and there’s a special same style nutrients for coco coir,this will help everyone here not already using it.Apologies for the novel but this is how good it is and I’ve seen most and none have come close.You can also buy other nutrients to start the flowering in 5 days not almost 2 weeks and can prolong the flower period for 2 weeks which you all know means bigger chunkier solid resin filed buds,try it you’ll keep buying it for good reason…Please take the advice you’ll never look back,Cheers and it’s now 4.20 time …lata


Awesome brother simply stunning
Those look like 1/4 bowl cookies :cookie:


@scooby would you tag me in your grow I’d love to see some pics and reup on your plants more.


How many plants are under the scrog


At the moment 5 . Had 1 in my last grow that took up the whole tent


And you keep everything under the screen until whe exactly? I heard after 2 weeks then let it start growin thru? I’m curious because that’s my goal here is to put 5 or 6 in my box like that