Learning how extreme GSCX really is


@Wishingilivedina420state Or now if you’re on


Sounds good how about 4:20 just cause, also new bud porn look at all the super cropping

And the clone we all want to know about the bud swelling test clone , switched the flip 7/4/17 first ever nute feeding on 8/8/17 strawberry fields potting soil

Back up to the plant before for a comparison

Still 5 weeks to go …


Wow sure does look great
420 is fine I’ll be here


I tell ya I’m on the fence about this bud swelling technique, she better harden up soon or I gonna stroke out .


That’s what she said :kiss:


Waiting on my light to come on, how about some music :notes:


Ya ready @Wishingilivedina420state


Is it that time @hillbilly103 ?


Good deal


Got it :+1::+1::+1::+1:


Let me know when you send a reply and I’ll check my mail


Just did boss.


Reply sent





That sure looks like a hard swollen bud to me :sunglasses:


@hillbilly103 just weighted my jars 8 1/2 oz I can’t believe it , I’ll be able to keep me and the wife with smoke and edibles for a long time. Just think my 32"-32" set up v/s your 4’-8’ no way you get less than a pound .


Soft soft soft


1/2lb of that killer from a 32x32 yea that great ratio
How long was the grow time wise?


From seed about 6 months.