Learning how extreme GSCX really is


Dear Santa :santa: @Wishingilivedina420state all I want for Labor Day Christmas :christmas_tree: is 1 small jar of your GSX. I’ve been sorta good this year :man_farmer:


Your name plate says you wished you lived in a 420 state. Well I’m gone say I wished I lived next door to you. Great job and enjoy a blunt or two for me


@hillbilly103 thank you brother, . If you got the need I got the weed.


@Onlythebest79 thank you I love compliments like that. If you are @hillbilly103 ever get to Louisiana look me up and we get together for a bowl or something.


@Wishingilivedina420state Brother if I had the time to make the ride I’d be on the road


I hear ya I don’t have time for anything anymore @hillbilly103 … in other news I got word I’m officially patient pending now hopefully I can start producing before the end of the year. Look out world here I come.


What part of Louisiana you in I was born and raised in Pascagoula Mississippi bout an hr from New Orleans


@Wishingilivedina420state without giving up your secrets at least give a brother a hint


West Baton Rouge parish. I’ve been to Pascagoula a few times always fun.


@hillbilly103 it’s a clip that mounts in your car, truck , or almost anywhere in your home. Mounted clip that holds a paddle holster for a pistol, that you can excess holster or pistol with one hand.


@Wishingilivedina420state will it hold weight of 1911 securely? How much? When can get or more?


Yes sir @hillbilly103 , any pistol or handgun.


@hillbilly103 all metal all one piece with only 2 of the 4 screws I use to mount the clip, it took an hour and a 48" crow bar to remove it from a friends truck. I put all 4 screws in and mounted it a 4 wheeler and pulled the 4 wheeler around my yard on its side. I do not recommend mounting to 4 wheelers as they are open and you might break a plastic case. But my clips are weight, weather, and Dumb ass proof.


@Wishingilivedina420state how do I get 1 or more?


In time young grasshopper. Lol

I took the web site down last year because patient issues . But plan on being up and running again soon. I do have some inventory left, what kind of holster do you have @hillbilly103 I’ll see what I can do.


A great many
When I carry concealed it’s usually A custom Wild Bills Leather built similar to a Galco Scout or A Bianchi Pro in the waste band strong side or a Miami classic shoulder


@hillbilly103 I’m gonna check but I’m pretty sure I got one that will work. We gotta be able to communicate away from this site. I don’t wanna get either of us in any trouble. How quickly can you reply?


@hillbilly103 as far as the general public is concerned the only way I’m going to sell or install for is with proof of concealed carry license.


It’ll be latter this week or first of next before I could provide my CCW
Mine and my wife 's CCW expired 8/1 and state has up to 30 days before issuing a new one. My wife and I reapplied on the same day and hers was in Friday’s mail.
Let me know when and I’ll send you my email and then delete it as soon as you get it


My daughter will be here soon she got off at 10:clock1030:
Set a time after noon est tomorrow and and be waiting @Wishingilivedina420state