Learning how extreme GSCX really is


I’m trying @hillbilly103 the key to my temps has been my big 6" centrifugal inline fan. A must have with a hps/mh light . As far as rh it’s pure luck I don’t do any thing. :pray: Other than that I have 2 regular inline fans for intakes .

I’ve lost one joint in that fan not paying attention , like a dumby


Solo cup up date

They didn’t respond well enough to the nutes I gave them so they get a 1/2 dose again tomorrow…

Note to self try this again with coco as you feed or water every day ,…


Coco loco :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Big Bloom full dose everything else half dose week 3 on the chart

Hopefully I can repot that solo cup this weekend just waiting on the roots for a bit .


Monsters get 1/2 dose of big Bloom week 1


Hey brother help me understand what I’m seeing
Are your solo cups clear?
I read on here to stay away from clear due to light harming the root system?


@hillbilly103 you read right and yes they are. But why you ask. The idea was to be able to see when to transplant. But umm :neutral_face:, we see how far that went. I do plan to rap some duct tape around them, that is kind of dark plastic so it’s not to bad but yeah it happened.

The plus side is that I’ve seen for my self how much bigger the root system gets in coco and even bigger in rock wool. So I consider it a win for me . I do reckomen you try it for yourself just to watch the roots if only with just one plant one time.


How about just setting the clear cups in some red cups? That way you could just left out the clear, look at the roots and then set it back in the red to block the light?


That works too. :man_facepalming: Didn’t think of that @hillbilly103 , See I’m off the last few days…


Call it hillbilly red solo engineering!


Lmfao :+1::+1: :joy::joy::joy:


Let’s sneak a peak in the drying tent and see after 2 days

My kind of foot long lol

Fan leafs dry and crispy , buds still wet for the most part, want see any dryness till day 4 hopefully 5 :pray::pray: please god please… temps at 75 f / rh at 55


hillbilly red solo engineering part 2


@hillbilly103 bring the plant to the light …lol. I looked into the magic mushrooms :mushroom:, I can’t mess with that bro, a little to far outta my league. Hell unless I had a friend and a good friend that was a great chemist, I just get em from the cow field.


I’ve never fooled with growing any but my friend is someone that I trust not just with my life but the lives of my family
:mushroom: Aren’t something I do very often but every once and a while :smile:There’re fun​:tada:


I hear ya @hillbilly103 , I might have to go looking for me some while its still season here. It’s been years it wouldn’t take many.


Two little lady’s got a trim today

In few weeks they will have caught there younger sisters, what the hail you say. Yes the two smaller clones are older than the 3 with buds.


@Wishingilivedina420state dude congratulations on the hardest you did outstanding so proud that you were able to pull that off nice job. Absolutely breathtaking man


@Hogmaster thank you bro it means a lot coming from you, I couldn’t have done it without this site. You guys are the best.


Slip a red solo cup over the clear one! Then you can look whenever you want and not harm the roots.

Oops! Saw @hillbilly103 post before me haha.


It’s all good @Myfriendis410 . :sunglasses:


Jarred and sealed :zipper_mouth_face: