Learning how extreme GSCX really is


Just for my brother @Wishingilivedina420state


@garrigan62 These 3 GSCX clones have never had anything but ph water there hole life. Out of the bubble cloner into solo cup of fox farm light warrior, then to 1 gal smart pot of ocean forest for a 3 week veg than, 3 gal smart pot fox farm strawberry fields put into flower July 5 . Only ph water no extra nutes.

They refuse to show signs of any nutrient deficiency , what do you think?


You know what I think :+1:


I love it,

“In his back yard is a mason jar plum full of them seeds.”


Not sure how weedville would fill about this one @hillbilly103




Looks like a sulfur deficiency


Thanks @Majiktoker .
I wish you had agreed with @garrigan62 . Now I don’t have any idea of what’s going on.


Well, he did get to you first, so listen to garrigan62 your in good hands with him


Thanks @Majiktoker the two different answers have got me thinking . Witch scares me. Nutrient deficiency versus nutrient burn . :face_with_head_bandage:

Well some what of a new development , stated to see a slight yellowing in the affected leaf

Notice this small brown spot and yellowing of a smaller lower leaf as well.

The nute burn here I am sure came after transplant to ocean forest a few weeks ago. About have the leaf on the plant have that little tip brunt , but none of it has progressed like the bigger leaf.

Hateing to have to choose, as I hold both of your opinions in heights regards. And hopeing this info helps a little.

@garrigan62 & @Majiktoker any more thoughts
I have a day before I water again, and I don’t want to jump to quick


In other news the flower tent looking some what better

This bid swelling test clone humm

Compared to

Test subject to the left



Looks like nute burn to me. Especially if it’s isolated.

Just happened to me a few weeks ago :frowning:


My cookie plant turned into a pipe
@hillbilly103 , @garrigan62


It’s looking like it @garrigan62 nailed it in


It’s a cookie bowl!


Is it possible that it’s nute burn from direct contact with soil or runoff?


@hillbilly103 the first bowl will be cookies, I can wait 2 week’s.


That is a very good idea @Myfriendis410. Thank you , I had not thought of that. When I water , some times it’s in the same tray as another plant .


Alright finally gonna feed the first set of clones , gonna start at 1/4 strength on week 5 of the fox farm feeding chart witch is week 1 of Bloom just to get them use to some nutes. Also only using grow big ,tiger Bloom , microbe brew and kelp me kelp you , not much point in useing big Bloom and no ph boosters for a week at lest .

They are loving the extra space


77° and 38% humidity. Very good grasshopper looking awesome as usual