Learning how extreme GSCX really is


Wow just wow super huge bud site’s thanks ILGM

I can’t say how happy I am

This top broke

Smells like mint

7 gal smart pot ocean forest
600w mars hydro
200w Apollo hps
32x32x63" tent
All Fox farm nutes plus a few add ons.


Sorry start week 5 of flower to day
12 week veg
She tripled in size after the switch

This plant I grew from seed and that’s her clones on the side. I’m starting to think I should try for more seeds .


Thanks for the bud porn :call_me_hand:


Not a problem my friend glad you enjoy. :sunglasses::+1::alien::laughing::laughing::laughing:


I just got a new toy bud porn pics here we go.

$11 Amazon, 30x & 90x I think
Ok more pics

I may need a little practice before the BOTM contest.


Ok I just saw it yeap need much practice :v::v::v:


@Wishingilivedina420state, I bought the same loupe on amazon… How you liking it? I have trouble seeing, but seems ok for
Me? My eyes suck anymore…Just started to
Look at trichomes recently with it… Was wondering how you get pictures off of it?


I have that one as well Ike it but I have a Carson 60x-120x zoom works awesome but even harder to see


@Zombo I love it ,works great.
To use it just put next to your eye and almost touch your plant with it . It needs to be close to work right . For pics I just put it to my phone over the camera lense and put close to buds. Takes some practice God’s knows I need more. Wish I would have ordered 3 week’s ago I would have let my last grow go another week r 2.
Aslo when you start to take pics please tag me inas I love bud porn.:alien::alien::alien:



Awesome bud porn


thank you :sunglasses:


Awesome job can’t wait to see how well you like it :wink:


You and me both my brother :grin:


I’m not quite half way yet but sooooooo worth it🤞


Your doing great and yeah it’s well worth it buddy :wink:


Thanks bro


Hey wait a minute when did you become a volunteer, and congratulations @Hogmaster.
Wow I’ve missed a lot in the last few months.


Thanks buddy happened a few weeks ago


@Wishingilivedina420state, you have another month or so to go and those are already freak-nasty! Great job dude!

I hate you: now I’m gonna have to order THIS strain too lol.