Learning as I go

I think I’m getting on track.My plants are all in different stages of care.First set I didn’t monitor anything.Second set I bought a Apera pc60 meter started working with ph levels but didn’t work on tds.Had a problem reading tds.The people at Apera helped me out.3rd set I’m trying to get it altogether.


Overall they look to be healthy. I did see one big fan leaf showing deficiencies. I’m not good at identifying those problems because I never had to deal with them at all.

Good job. Lot of buds.

What a fantastic job!!!

Don’t worry about that one leaf Peats a worry wort. The flower is using a ton of nutrients and she pulled some energy from that leaf.

If I worried about a few dying leaves here and there I’d never leave the grow.

Wouldnt be where there at without all the help.

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Looks super. You’ll be swimming in bud in another 7 / 8 weeks.

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That’s always a good problem to have! Establish a drying room, don’t be like me and have to tape off a few areas of the course with construction tape :grin:

Im thinking about using the smaller tent after I harvest 2 out big tent.I’ll move everything into the bigger tent?

Hope you have a carbon filter cuz pepe the stinker is comming to town!

Exactly keep em moving thru