Learning about Hydro- Algae

I bought 20 Girl Scout Cookie Extreme seeds. It’s been a journey. I have 3 plants left. 1 with roots in the water, 2 that are closer and we are at about 4 weeks… Ugh… It seems like when I did this 10 years ago, I had no issues, but this one… Maybe the Man upstairs is telling me something…
Anyway, 2 weeks ago, I gave nutes… too soo, got burn. Flushed and seemed ok. Then this past few days, plants started drooping and yellowing, looked like deficiency… I looked down into the water and it was dark. I wrote a topic here somewhere and was told to get rid of the top feed that they were drowning… Well, I looked down after doing that and discovered my water was dark… green… as were my roots on my babies… It said to wash my roots, etc… Gave them peroxide, then dropped the PH to 5… next day, no improvement, so flushed the system, and learned how to wash my roots… Interesting as I was scared that I was going to kill them, yet they were dead if I didn’t. 24 hours later, there is a HUGE influx of new white root growth. I have some algae coming back, but I think I can handle it. Biggest thing I overlooked… I could see my water through the holes… My reservoir is now a dark place…

If I get these to clone and produce, it will be an absolute miracle, but it’s a neat journey learning.


So you have the algae issue resolved then? Hopefully this plant goes the distance! So roots are looking better, how does the plant look?

It’s “close to resolved”. Water is stained today. If worse tomorrow, ill swap water again. Longest root on the biggest plant has algae in it that I can’t get out, but I hesitate to cut it. Top of that plant looks starved, but strong new growth coming in underneath. Ill get pics tomorrow

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Algae will grow when light is getting to water. Do you have a clear res or holes in top that light can pass through?

Yeah, I was a dumbass. Water was deep, deep green. Left all my holes wide ope. That is rectified, and in 1 week, actually this is day 5 or 6, plants have new roots, all to the res, although a little algae, I’ll change water again tomorrow or the next day. Plant growth has been outstanding, will be looking to clone the next batch soon. Hopefully 2 weeks to begin flowering two of the 3, keeping one back as a mother, and vegging the new clones, thus perpetuating the grow. I’ll get this. Humidifier helps, a chiller and CO2 units will be next.

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Finally some phenomenal growth, I’ll get more pics tomorrow.

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Last week, I was not sure if any of the 3 babies would survive. Today they are 7-10 inches tall.
How tall should they be til I can attempt to clone?

At this point in time, Resevoir temp is 74. Room temp is 77 at 250 watts, 88 at 400 watts, with the humidifier on low.

Algae is still an issue, water change tomorrow or Tuesday.

PPM in RO water is 280, ph is 5.77, Light is 20/4

Looks like all the starvation was algae clogging the roots, or absorbing all the nutes.

At this size, what should the nute ppm be? Is it alright to step up to 400? Is it about time to SOG since, I only have 3 plants and plan to hold one back as a mother, although I could hold a clone back…

Thanks in advance,

You could try 400 ppm and see how they respond. They are pretty young still, so watch them closely. Hydro works pretty fast. Looking pretty good though!

What size air pump are you running…?
Looks like you could use a couple of more air stones and a bigger air pump…
In a tote like that I would run at least three 2" air stones in vegg and I run 6 in flower in a 27 gallon tote for 6 plants with an 1175 gph air pump… :+1::wink:

I’m using an EcoPlus4, 253 GPH, 4 2" air stones. Removed a drip system, put that recirculation pump back in yesterday, just for water movement and agitation. Algae is a small issue. We will see after water swap today or tomorrow.

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In vegg , I use a 950 gph air pump with a 6 outlet manifold…
And in flower I use a 1175 gph air pump with a 6 outlet manifold …
I would not put a pump in the water for agitation , it’s only going to add heat and no real benefit… :+1::wink:


I’m assuming Vivosun? Didn’t see a 6 on the 1175GPH. Quick question. Any reason that I can’t put the air pump outside the closet, and just run the airlines in, even if I need to buy extra tubing?

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Yes you can…
I actually ditch the little hose that comes with the pump and run a long hose from pump to plant location and then put manifold by plants with shorter 1/4 lines to air stones…
Pump doesn’t have to work as hard and I have more equal pressure to each stone… :+1::wink:

What a difference 2 weeks makes. Just tried fimming, and about ready to decide whether to clone, or to just throw these three into flower.Uploading: 20200820_144126.jpg… Uploading: 20200820_144128.jpg… Uploading: 20200820_144138.jpg… Uploading: 20200820_144150.jpg…

Pics didn’t load…

Country living

Country living at its finest…

Uploading: 20200820_144128.jpg… Uploading: 20200820_144138.jpg…

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