Learn As We Grow

Happy Thanksgiving, just started curing my grand daddy purple tops. Wife and I tried some, and it’s a super potent and long lasting narcotic high. Letting bottom half larf grow bigger. Just harvested Maui wowie tops yesterday. Will let her bottom finish now. Then have 2 Maui clones and 1 Grand Daddy purple clone that I took ready to go to flower tent.

Green weednesday indeed.


Good evening to y’all grow family peeps. I flushed my girls today. Took a couple + hours. The first plant was at over 1300 ppm. I ran 15 + gallons through her. Got her down to just over 700 ppm and 6.1 ph. The second one was at 1100 ppm and I got it down to under 700 ppm and also at 6.1 ph. I gave them 1/2 teaspoon on tiger bloom and 1 teaspoon on Big bloom. I am very hopeful that this is going to help my nutrient situation. Honestly I think they were smiling at me when it was done.
@kellydans @oldmarine @Pet_de_Chien @PurpNGold74 @MeEasy @SilvaBack203 @oldmarine I know that’s not all of you who have helped me but know I appreciate everyone!!