Leafs turning brown and taking over whole crop

Stevenray93, OK last time I saw these plants they were brown everywhere so we were trying to find out if it was a lighting if it was the soil nutrients too much feeding or like what I had that goddamn PH pen! Being off! :rage:. So from what I see now is I see new growth but I also see brown in the leaves so, this leads me to believe once again within a few days it’s turning brown again so a it’s got to B the soil be the lighting or C cheap ph pen. Especially since I do remember you stating you haven’t started feeding yet so it’s only water so it’s got to be one of those 4, being to dry soil, not enough watering. Well I hope that helps you man good luck with what it is you’ve got going on and I hope you get to the bottom of it.

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PPM was mid 7’s. I fed some and they are still dying. It’s the weirdest thing because they are all different strains and they are all doing the same thing. In my experience when I have issues such as deficiencies or PH off for a root rot it doesn’t Have the same side effects on every plant. Some strains can handle it better than others. So I find it weird that all plants are having the same thing happen at once. I have had several problems in the past and I have never seen anything like this it is completely taken over everything

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Looks like it started on one side then working across. Could something have been sprayed and found its way onto your plants. Auto exhaust. A dryer vent or a neighbor or landscaper with weed killer.

That’s crazy weird. I’d think what @Allinherhead said. It’s something from outside of the garden.

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Stevenray93, I still think it was a chemical burn during a nutrient lockout or lockout that causes chemical burn and your pH being whacked in the mid sevens in soil that I couldn’t answer because I’ve have never PH’d my soil in pots ever sic ass buds, of course issues arise. Also trying a flush, would be the only thing that you might be able to scrap some of grow, and have some survivors hopefully. Good luck

I cut everything, it got to bad. Luckily I had access to large clones from a friend to replace them. Thanks for everybody input.

I’m new but I’ll tell you what this looks to me. I spayed my sidewalk all with ground clear and a weed killer. It rained and a week later my plants in my flower bed looked just like this. I know that’s not MJ related but I’ve seen plants go this with pesticides and someone urinating on it…sorry it happened.