Leafs tips curling up

Just flipped my purple haze bag seed, gsc bag seed, $ white widow bean from I💚GM and some random bag seed. After torture after torture after… etc… They have been stabilized after super cropping all responding well. But some of my randoms have a very fine leaflet at the tips of the leaves and when distressed it curled down and canoed down. I thought this to be "clawing "

but now happy the same curling down tips (diff leaves) are curling up?? maybe just a characteristic of the strain and now it’s happy. Plant was topped and those are all branches 8 to be exact .poking through the canopy. Any thoughts . IM using 1. 400hps 1. 175 mh
Temp is steady 78
125% floranova bloom
W/25%ff grow big
No burn and thriving from recovery from supercropping.

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How high is your light from the top of the plants?

About 24"

Temp looks good. 24" isn’t bad either, but they might be a bit close. Does your hand feel uncomfortably hot if you hold it at plant height under the light?
Where’s your humidity? Plenty of air circulating?

You know, those leaves look awfully dark green in some of the older growth, Leaf tips curling like a claw and dark green are two pretty key symptoms of Nitro Toxicity. I’d make sure that you’re adjusting your nute solution appropriately. As for the down then back up symptom on the ends of you leaves, I have no idea unless that’s how it bounces back if the issue was fixed.

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I’m in South Florida AC sucks air from outside exhaust outside and humidity seems fine every other plant the purple the GSC all of them look great but the to randoms I guess must be from the same bag because they’re doing the same thing but they’re all praising the gods they’re not dipping anymore that first picture was from a while ago second is the new one and they’re all curling up just at the tips all other plants are super happy
But no not hot to the hand at all did the minute test and I have an ac 8500btu for that room as well has a dehumidifier. In 1 unit it’s a 6.5’ x2’ fake wall I made well circulating maybe strain specific could they just be happy

No the leaves are not dark itba shitty coolpad bs phone

Ahhh okay, so it was just a trick of the light then. My bad friend!

I would find a ‘trouble ticket’ and give more info to work with. All I can tell so far is that you are using 125% of something, which usually isn’t good. What are you watering with (tap, distilled, RO etc.) do you add anything besides the 2 nutes you mentioned?
What your pH/TDS in and out is would help as well if you’ve been tracking it.

…everything is there except humidity which is fine for 10 out if 12 plants. And pH as well… I’m not changing grow room everything to cater to two plants that are doing better… It’s says 125% floranova bloom which it said up there and 25%fox farm grow big which i also stated… I water with tap… Of course and clones are R.o. . I add sfl 100 to watering 1 everyone week to prevent salts building. All those factors your asking for aren’t gonna change I’m just trying to see if anyone seen leaflet tips curling up. Hydroponics store turned kebonbto 5ml floranova when established which max strength says 3.75 ml I use just about 4.5 to 5ml/gal but it’s very low in N so I added a 25%/gal of grow big to bump these branches just as transition to flower I’m in day 3 f flwoer just added a 150 HPs switch my veg to flower 400 and still have the 175 mh full spec. At about 725watts in a rectangular room all lights back to back to distribute evenly

Wasn’t suggesting changing a thing, don’t know where you got that. You asked for help on an issue, I asked for clarifying info to provide better help. At what point did I lose you?

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Some of that looks like cal-mag might be the solution, which was why I asked about the water source. If tap, then less chance that is the issue, but it could also be because that strain is using more of something than the other plants.= - in which case a few ml of cal-mag is not what I would call a “change”.

NSW I’m not saying that but I’m in ff strawberry fields and pH was a huge problem in beginning every thing came to skreeeeeching hault. After was rectified I never had a pH issue after switching to ocean forest then to strawberry for flower. Sry was just aggravatedbin am just woke up and was like what the heck. I said 125%was FN bloom…anyway was aggravated with having to retype first thing in the am lol sry I don’t drink coffee :wink: plz forgive me haven’t had morning dobber. Trying out my buddy’s edibles with out burning flower to see potency. I’m still waiting kick in I always we up with a puff or 7

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No worries, but your timing was bad. Yesterday there was another guy that asked for help - then started spewing crap that I didn’t even mention (as above) but when I politely brought it to his attention he doubled down, I scooted and muted.

We all have bad days, no worries. Here’s the thing about this forum. After a while you pick up on who is the go-to for certain issues. I am not that expert on anything. That said, I have had issues and gotten help with them. So since you have a soil/leaf/nute related issue, all I have to do is say “Hey @garrigan62! Can you take a peek?” and he’ll drop in at some point, Global Ambassador that he is :slight_smile:

So apology accepted. If it is just the one strain with issues and you have been feeding them the same, I would check the run-off numbers against the other plants and look for a clue. It may be using more whatever than the others are. HE can tell you if it is a molybdenum deficiency :laughing:

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Thanks bro I can be hard headed I gotta burn my hands sometimes so to s peak

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morning updates with new lights in strait flowering babbaa… Need to make a segregated box for these lil girls! 1537628067821861085256|666x500 does anyone see any discomforting issues going on here?


From what i have read and saw in your photo`s @Whodat66 was right on in his description of your plants. I would have said and asked the same thing.
1.) I tell everyone to go slow with the nutrients to start with and work your way up to see how your plant reacts.

2.) He was also corect by saying that each plant will react different.

3.) And asking for more info. Was a good move on his part.

After viewing your up dated pic`s i can’t tell more light maybe ,

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Naw nnone of that I come to conclusion there just happy I found a post with a picture of a beastly bad ass that has same characteristics and the leaflets are curling up and his plant is bad ass looking and fully catered to hydro system. I got a 400 watt right above her and a 175 still in range so shes got plenty of light and all other plants are happy I’m just gonna go with happy thanks for the .02$ much appreciated

Also if I’m not mistake cal and mag are in floranova bloom it’s a complete if I’m noynmistaken I’ma gonna grab bottle

the red I’m using about 5 ml/gal and ff about 1.5 combined presently and and 2 ml /gal .sfl 100
Red has has good cal and mag and ff has a half a %of both is that sufficient amounts in your guys opinion?

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