Leafs dropping and rising every day, similar to light cycle

Hey hey,

I had this ‘problem’ as far as it is one also with my prev. grow. Now starting the third week of flower, my photoperiod Candy Caramello does a fun dance every day. Fan leafs are rising once it´s dark and dropping quite drastically when the light goes on again (12/12). First thought it was overwatering, but since it is really ‘recovering’ in the night that could not be the problem, right?

Do you have any idea where this is coming from or have you had similar issues? I am not worrying too much about it since it doesn´t seem to be a critical issue, but there must be something I could improve. It certainly has some impact on the quality/yield.

Strain: Candy Caramello, photoperiod
Method: Soil
Vessel: Pot (medium size, not sure exactly)
Light: 200W LED, now running on bloom switch only
Feed: Advanced nutrients, M-G-B (gonna add big bud and bud candy next week)
Ph of nute mix: 6.5
Ph runoff: N/A
Humidity: N/A
Ventilation: Only through light and carbon filter, unfortunately nothing else…yet
Temp: 25-28 C (was around 33C previous days, now luckily lower again where I live)

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How wet is the soil? It might need a little bit more water.

Plants change their posture before lights out; they even anticipate it by an hour or so. After lights on it takes a while to react and posture for daytime.


I would run both switches on your light. It needs everything it can get. Veg should stay on entire grow.

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Ur leaves look pretty dark green and a little claw going on lower the grow a little nitrogen should be lowered at this stage

was askinkg that myself for a while, thanks a lot! will do

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yep certainly true. is darker than my other ones and slightly clawing indeed. the new leafs also do a weird sideways turn for the first week or so, but that might just be genetics i guess. Is since the start. thanks for the tip!

This is how she looks by night time. (only had it in light for a sec! :D)

Salutations ULand,

Although it felt as a surprize back then i came to accept that this was a consequence of night/day cycling indeed, for example observing this Automaria II:


Though it appears in my own situation the plant actually reacted to light cycling in reverse:

AM-II @ 1h47 (late at night)

AM-II @ 9h01 (in the morning)

In any case this convinced me the plant requires both periods, autofem or else.

Good day, have fun!! :peace_symbol:

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Quick observation bud… if that’s what u consider dark I still see an un healthy amount of light hitting those leaves bub… I would black her out and make sure ur light are far enough away if u keep a powerful light 2 close then can want to hide from it have 2 plants from same bag do opposite one loved getting close to the light the other couldn’t handle it and edges would begin to canoe upward down ward she wasn’t happy…plants a strange it will he a feat if we even fully understand there manorisms

Dark = no light
mine and i assume all pictures here were taken with short light exposure to be able to see something on the pictures. Usually they stand in the tent with absolutely no light of course.

I did adjust the distance of the light just last week, that should help with what you are saying indeed.

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This morning I gave it food, water and turned on both light switches again, which all together does solve the problem!

I think the crucial part was the mistake with lightswitches. Seems like the bloom-only just wasn´t enough.

Thanks to everybody who thought along and gave useful tips and insights! Really helped me out a lot, big ups to the community!

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U aren’t in bloom so y use bloom only just wondering bloom means budding your in vegetative stage