Leafs being eating by something?

Has anyone ever seen this?

Two of my younger outdoor plants showed up like this today. Does anyone have any ideas what’s doing this? I’m a beginner so I appreciate the help.


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Looks like a grasshopper or something like that has a big appetite. Best find out quick because you are running out of plant.


I had a plant look similar to that. Any chance you have a dog? That’s what caused my problem.

I’d also look hard for any slime trails. Slugs will do that also.

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I do have a dog but these are out of her reach.

Will Neem oil help?

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I hate Neem oil. I would cover them with a small horticulture screen until you can ID the culprit.

I have the thing happening to mine i found out that it’s caterpillars. I don’t know what to use other than dish soap with neem oil .

Hey, welcome to the forum. You.should find a ton of help on here. If you are dealing with catapillars try Montery BT. Knocks them buggers right out. Happy growing!!:grin: