Leafs are curling down / organic nutrients

Hi guys,

I have a little pheno run going and noticed that a couple of my plants are showing signs of nitrogen toxicity.

Everything i’ve found online has been orientated towards bottled nutrients but i’m using dr. earth’s organic in a mix of 50% coco, 30% perlite, 20% hydroton rocks. Since I was planning on flipping into flower after a couple weeks of veg I decided to use half flower nutes and half veg.

I’m afraid the veg nutes provided too much nitrogen and that’s why i’m getting the claw.

Since I can’t just ‘flush’ out the nutrients, what would you recommend I do to fix these girls?

It’s day 6 of week 1 of flower.

Kinda hard to tell, but if the tips appear to be clawing that’s typically from a little too much nitrogen as you suspect.

Give them straight ph’d water to a solid amount of runoff your next couple of waterings. See where that lands you.

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Try the Lucas formula for coco. Ratio is more like 1 to 2, micro to bloom.

Could be N but the leaves overall have no dark green appearance. What is your watering practice, what is the temp when you took the picture (cool?)? Both can cause leaves to behave funny.

And yes; you absolutely can flush the excess nutrients from your soil. I would get a runoff TDS and flush with an agent like FloraKleen or Sledgehammer followed by R/O or distilled. Be sure to take a runoff sample at the end and compare the difference.

I also see possible signs you may want to use some Cal Mag. Coco has a habit of sequestering calcium so cal mag is highly recommended. PH between 5.3 and 5.8 although I like 6.0 in my setup.


Vent filter fan is right next to the plants. It looks like you are drafting through the plants. Wind burn. Move the plants away from any input vents and the vent fan in the tent. Not a major problem.


Thanks. It’s been awhile since I logged online but this was indeed a big part of the problem.