Leafhoppers suck!

It’s kind of surprising that no one else on the site has mentioned these critters, so I guess maybe not so common a pest?

The ladies have been enduring both leafhoppers and whiteflies. I’ve been going with Safer Soap every four days or so, and the whiteflies aren’t around any more. But the leafhoppers persist, and don’t seem to mind the Safer Soap very much.

So I’m considering the next remedy. Should I go with Spinosad products or Diatomaceous Earth first?

The good news is they’re pretty easy to kill. I’d say 90% success rate at pinching it when I see one. The bad news? They just keep on coming. I’m probably manually killing about 5 or 6 a day now . . .

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I’ve heard good stuff about this but I’ve never had this issue knock on wood


I have these on my plants. They are not killing the plants because there is not enough of them . Its been at least a month and I don’t worry. minimal damage that I can see. I plan to harvest and give them a good washing. Mine is an outdoor grow so I assume there will be bugs. Pesticides are the last resort for me and I have never needed to use them outside. Inside its part of growing after multiple years and sometimes pesticides have to be used when threatened with a complete loss of crop.



Ya use it it’s good stuff


Spinosad Products (safe & organic) - Spinosad products are organic and completely harmless to pets, children, and plants. Spinosad products can be used directly to kill leafhoppers on contact and should be sprayed liberally anywhere you see leafhoppers and especially under the leaves. Although maybe not as strong against pests as some of the more harsh insecticides, it does work and it’s very safe for plants, animals and humans!



You might to try these too:


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Thanks all! Yeah, I realize that these don’t do the damage that other pests will. Still - they suck moisture out of, and put little spots onto the leaves of the ladies! I want to protect them if I can!

When I went out this morning, I thought I had spider mites! Webbing, and the smallest little bugs in the webbing – too small to see very clearly. Took a pic and enlarged – just small spiders. (whew!)

It says Sevin dust will kill leaf hoppers.

Your post made me re-think. I ended up not using the Spinosad or anything else. (I did put out some yellow stickies as @AnneBonny suggested.) I have some damage to just a few the leaves due to the leafhoppers – damage looks just as shown on www dot growweedeasy dot com/cannabis-leafhoppers. But really pretty minimal issue, as you said.

BUT . . . I have pinched a few hundred of these suckers! Pretty much every day I go out a kill a half a dozen or so. And now that the ladies are in flower, it seems like I see fewer leafhoppers, and I’m not worried about them any more.

So thanks for the input!

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I actually had one the other day…I thought, how cute, a katydid…any way they jump fast…how harmful is it?? I don’t want to pesticide

Has any one ever thought to use cedar chips or a peice is cerdar wood i know just about every bug or insect dose not like it and stay away from it and it 100% natural