Leaf variegation on canibuis?

I am growing a gelat og from seedsman it’s a freebie next to a buba kush freebie this plant has had this leaf variegation since popping seed and was wondering has anyone seen this I am growing this plant sip style with 70%coco 30%pearlite in a hempy bucket explosive vegetative growth similar to autopots and dual root zone this is my first coco grow been in soil for about 4 years doing a little experiment coco fabric buba kush and gelat og in hempy plant is healthy pleanty of calcium jacks full strength and small doses of cal mag because I gotta use it up just wondering if anyone is familiar with this it’s weird once leaf is mature it’s variegated on one side only wondering if anyone has seen this before I don’t think it will affect much from what I’ve read just wondering if anyone has seen it before thanks

that is what leaf variegation looks like.

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