Leaf Variegation Experience

Hey gang,

Ive got a pheno that has been showing a little leaf variegation. Ive read that this is due to a lack of chlorophyll. Its only affecting a few leaves, I will grab a pic later.

Anyone have experience? Ive also read certain stains you should expect to see it (I believe it was a Chem D or 91 or 4). This is a GSCxChemD cross, but the other phenos don’t exhibit it.

Ultimately, I need to clear a little tent room, just flipped to flower and it filled up. While the plant is perfect structure, curious if the variegation would cause it to be a candidate to be culled.



It happens all the time. You’ll get one leaf that is ‘harlequin’ and will eventually sort itself out.


Earlier this year I had a White Widow mom plant that grew these funny looking leaves. Half the blade was yellow with a bend towards that side. Not every leaf and not every branch. When the branch does show the leaf it will be like every 3rd node or so. Long story short, I have several plants from that mom. Some of which I plan to monster crop (clone from a flowering plant). I can plan on seeing this next year.


Almost every white widow I’ve grown had some degree of variegation. Never caused an issue in my grows :+1:

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I had the same leaves curl and half one color half the other most of them are gone

All that’s left after defoliation

Thanks all. Here is the girl. I’ll just see how she does up till week 3. If she looks stunted or anything I’ll just pull her out. Thanks for input.