Leaf twist or overlapping slightly

I’ve got these 7 plants going and i’m getting ready to do the switch. They been doing good except this leaf thing going on where they overlap more than twist but i don;t know the true definition of a twisted leaf. If that is a twisted leaf then zinc is probably the problem along with Fe and Mn or high ph according to the problem solving chart i copied from here. And there most recent runoff had a ph of 6.6-6.7-7.0-7.4 for the 4 plants affected. And that is high for 2 but not the other 2. And that ph just jumped on me,so i’ll adjust next time but the leaf problem been there at lower ph. Just trying to pin point this without error. Here’s a pretty good pic of the problem circled in red.

suggest you place white sheet of paper under the leaf to show the issue best. a little closer would also help

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Can you fill out a support ticket? Odd to say the least but my gut tells me you’re fine everything looks pretty healthy. I wouldn’t over analyze micro nutrients less you’re feeding a weird base nute with ro water then yes that could potentially be an issue but it’s rare.


Are all 7 the same strain?

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They are all the same strain which is (Blue Cookies). And there all clones but i’ve noticed some plants have thin leaves and others have fat leaves and those are the ones affected. I’d like to not worry about it but i’ve drug my feet before with leaf abnormalities that keep getting worse. A no issue sounds great but it’s weird looking.

If your temps and ph are in range I’d guess it was a genetic trait.

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You could be right about genetics, i’d like to think so any way. The reason being i seen this before with the mother plants but not as numerous. Temps and ph aren’t perfect but there in and out of range,i’m flushing them one more time then switch to 12/12

Usually when leaves start trying to hide that’s an issue with temp or light intensity. What are you working with there?

I have 2 600 watt Mh but i have them on 400 watt setting. So there hiding because of the light being to intense ? I guess i should raise them and see if that helps. That would make sense. thanks

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Just a guess, but that’s typical. How close are the lights and what is your temp at canopy?

now there at 24 inches,they were at 36" until yesterday. I pulled one of the leafs over that had overlapped and under on the bottom leaf it was very light color because the light couldn’t penetrate i think .

I would struggle to call that too close under most circumstances. Did you post canopy temps somewhere? I looked but didn’t see, sorry.

They run most on 79 degrees, sometimes 80 81 but not often

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That doesn’t seem bad either. Have you been letting them dry out good between watering and feeding?

yes that’s the method i’ve been using last week i went 4 days without watering but it varey’s most of the time 2 days between. This is my first grow with fabric pots and i have to say there’s a learning curve for me with them. When i water i do so until i start to get enough for runoff readings

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Well the good news is they don’t look bad otherwise. I can’t really think of too much else, maybe run your temp and rh against a vpd chart. If nothing jumps out there, just take a look at what else you’re doing or not doing. Things like not enough or too much air moving over canopy, or anything really. Sorry I can’t really help more, just a new issue to me.

Maybe @MattyBear @Hogmaster @garrigan62 @Countryboyjvd1971 can take a look at top of thread.

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one thing i’ve noticed is they are on the outer edge of were a fan blows directly on there pots and lots of air blowing at canopy also to help keep temps down

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Try adjusting fans some so that they don’t blow as directly onto plants and see if that helps.

I bet it’s due to your ph being over 7 and locking out micronutrients… unless I read that wrong?..

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could be it jumped 3 and 4 tenths to get to the 7.0 and 7.4. Them 2 were in range until last watering