Leaf turning brown and curling up

![DSC00024|640x480](upload://DSC00026 .jpeg)
i thought this might be temp related it gets 90 + in my tent.

I’m a first time grower, but I would opine that 90+ is too hot. I’ve never read about or watched any grow that suggested temps that high. I keep my temps around 75, and I do not get heat stress related issues. Everything I’ve read says to keep temps between 68 and 78.

So what to do about it? Are you ventilating your tent/room? If the space isn’t too large you could use a 4" or 6" inline fan at a few hundred CFM to suck out some excess heat. If the room is large you could buy a more powerful 8" fan. If you’re not into spending the money, try to open a window at least and put a box fan in it to facilitate heat removal. Of course, as your plant gets stinky this might not work unless you’re in the country. Also, make sure you are running a fan or two. I use 6" clip fans, one aimed at the base of my plant and one to blow over the top of the canopy. Just make sure the plants are wiggling just a bit; it shouldn’t look like a hurricane in there. Finally, make sure you are bringing in cool or normal room temp air.

Hope these ideas help! If you get a chance take a slightly brighter pic of your plant. There are a lot of people on here far more knowledgeable than me. If they can get a good look at your plant they could diagnose any other possible issues.

Well here is the result of careful reading on this forum. I purchased a thermostat that regulates the time and temp in side of my grow tent. I had to raise the led lights to almost the top of my tent. Results are apparent in the picture. Thanks to all who post here with your knowledge.

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