Leaf Tuck Method


So the importance of fan leafs and light are just as important as each other but fan leafs can block light to nearby tops and lower nodes.

Supercropping is not an option at this stage because there is no room to lay the stem down because it still blocks nodes.

I’ve tied down as it grows but the fan leaves still seem to overshadow the plant. I’ve even cut back smaller shade leafs, but that just generates more leaf growth.

After asking a lot of questions within the forum I’ve come to realise what my pros are

  1. Its very bushy
  2. Its short with thick stem
  3. I’ve got allot of tops from lower nodes pushing through


  1. Fan leafs blocking node growth

Now, Cutting fan leafs is not the best option because you’ll need as many as you can during veg for optimal growth and come flower you’ll need them even more.

So, I started tucking the fan leafs under the tops and lower nodes.

This worked extremely well because I can tuck them away then bring them back out later as solar panels allowing the plant to absorb energy while still letting light to hit the sweet spots when tucked away.



Leaf tucking is great. Don’t worry about untucking them. They will still do their job and the growth underneath will flourish.


Glad I’m not alone here… I thought maybe it wasn’t a worthwhile method


I do it all the time. many of us do.


Awesome! I just haven’t read the leaf tucking concept in any of the LST material out there.

I think it should be added


I’ve been leaf tucking in my first scrog. The pros are that it allows the leaf keeps doing its thing, with a little less light, and contribute to the plant; plus there is no stress on the plant for its removal. The con is that its time-consuming.