Leaf trouble on my White Widows

The large leafs on my 5 week old White Widow are showing signs of trouble. Starts with discoloration at the ends, spreads then dies. Can you tell anything from these pics?

I’m not good at diagnosing problems from nutes or pH issues, but maybe this could help…

The first chart for pH is soil specific. I included all three that I have so you can choose which is easiest for you to use.

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These, among many others, can help you more with diagnosis.

I’m sure everything will come in line and you will have a good harvest…


What medium are you using mate? Are you feeding her? How longs this been happening for? Ive really stuffed up with white widows in the past mate and i find they come back fast once you find whats causing the problem. Do you ph you water?.

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Indoor or outdoor mate.

Growing indoor in soil. First noticed after about 3 weeks. Using Fox Farm nutrients and schedule for feeding. Using a color chart to ph the water and get in the mid 6s’ before adding nutrients. Plan on switching to a digital meter soon. Can these nutrients change the ph that much? How can I check the soil ph itself?

@kartch yes the nutrients change the ph of the water a lot . Always do your ph adjustment after you add the nutes . I was doing the same thing till a while back still bringing mine back up to where they need to be to finish flowering


Ive had nutes take the ph down as low as 4-4.5, don’t have the same problem with AN now as its already phed to 5.8… so yes as @Oldstoner said always adjust ph after you’ve added nutes


Yes ph after all aditives. And yes you can check the ph of tyou run off water. Some soil has a higher ph. If so try to give a good flush with correct ph water so you can flush it to normal. But still make sure they get some air. Only flush if runoff ph is not normal. Only giving my advice. Im no grow expert. I try n keep things simple.


@number1fan has the idea simple is always best I have got to where I only check the run off PH if the girls start showing a issue . And a good flush can correct that pretty easy .

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Like @oldstoner said. Runoff usually only needs checking if things arnt normal. It will show if you have a build up of nutes. Or if your soil is a soil that is natually to rich


Got my digital ph meter. Checked some things, definitely a ph issue. Made some changes, things looking better. Might affect my yield but as long as I’m learning I’m good.

Thanks All