Leaf trouble need help!

So out of my 2 strain grow it seems my super skunk plant is way more susceptible to issues and I just trimmed all plants and switched to flower 12/12 light cycle. I’ve had problems with small amount of powder mold and caterpillars I sprayed milk/water for mold and monterey BT for caterpillars. The milk has has dried on leaves which I guess is normal. I also switched to a tower fan to get better air flow but was too strong for plants and was getting wind burned so I turned fan around and let wind bounce off tent and circulate that way. I PH all water at around 6.5 and feed with FoxFarm trio regiment. My leaves are starting to burn on tips and some curl taco and lower seem to curl down. Please help it’s late in game I’m trying to manage as best I can

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What kind of soil are you using? How often do you water? Do you water to run-off? Do you let the soil dry out before watering again? Do you have a powerful microscope to make sure you don’t have any visitors? Lighting? Day and night time temps?


@Kingdavid83 This could be excess nitrogen. Also Keep an eye on your runoff ph, the salts from the nutrients may have lowered the ph.

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I’m using fox farm ocean forest soil, I water every other day or 2 days depending on moisture in soil, I do water till run off and I’ve tested run off which comes back at like 5.5 PH and 6.5 PH going in so losing 1 PH, I only have a jewelers loupe for identifying stuff I have noticed small gnats not in soil Because I haven’t really checked there but when doing maintenance on plants or tent. I have a 1500w LED full spectrum light for 7 plants total in a 6x6x8 tent. I have an oil filled heater in tent which keeps temps from 68-74° occasionally it’ll spike to 80° and never drops below 62°. Humidity has been around 50% but past few days has spiked to 70% I put in a dehumidifier today. I also recently did some trimming and one more thing it seems to be mostly the bottom of the plant which some people say to remove the bottom 1/3 which I mostly did but not all and it’s these extreme bottom portions that are showing most problems

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My run off was around 5.5PH so I’m sure there is some pull off not sure if a flush or calmag is way to go

This soil tends to run hot on the nutrients

Seems like this is to frequent for watering . I water every 5-6 days, and my plant looks happy. I always check the weight of my pot, im in a 5 gallon, always water till runoff. I find it hard to believe your pots are Drying out every other day.

Definitely low for soil

From overwatering your plants

Check true watts on this light, probably only around 200 watts.

Probably what’s causing powdery mildew

I’d say flush, get that ph up 6-6.5, then leave the plant alone for like 5-6 days. Let’s wait for other to respond, see what they think.

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Thanks for your full breakdown much appreciated and helpful

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@Kingdavid83 Currently I wait 5-6 between watering, but many factors can change this. Just keep an eye on the weight of your pots. Something I did at first was fill the same size pot with dry soil, then I have something to compare weight to

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I totally agree with @Kingdavid83

One other thing I have a dehumidifier in tent it’s Seavon Small Dehumidifier but isn’t dropping humidity. Am I supposed to close all vents on bottom of tent so humidity can’t come inside I’m growing in my barn so it’s almost like outside humidity but then don’t I want fresh air as well to circulate I’m a little confused where to go from here

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Edit my last post should have said I agree with @Dave101.