Leaf tips yellowing


Strain; Type, Bag seed, or NA—bag of seeds
Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco-Soil(75%)+perlite(25%)
PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? 6.5- 6.9ph in and 7.0 out
What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS- I don’t tested very often but is around 1200-1400(i use organic products from biobizz and the ppm is different)
Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor
Light system, size? Led’s +cob’s =250w real
Temps; Day, Night… Day(light on) 90F-105F, night is 70-75F(but the temperature is not to blame for it)
Humidity; Day, Night… It’s 35% all time
Ventilation system; YeS, 190cm3/h exhaust, no intake fan(just a hole in the wall :joy:), good air flow :wink:
AC, Humidifier, DE-HUMIDIFIER,… NA
Co2; - NO

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Your Ph is too high for coco. It should be around 5.8. How old is this plant?


75% soil + 25% perlite…
And the pH is in range so that is not the problem.
Is more like nutrient burn but the problem is not everywhere and the tips are not brown and dry… :thinking:


Sorry, I read the soil wrong.

The TDS is on the high side that’s why asked how old the plant is. Are you seeing this all over the plant, how many leaves are affected?


Hmm, it’s a little bizarre the way the tips are almost bleaching. Magnesium… zinc? I’m not sure.


What is distance from light to canopy? Or at least where damaged leaves are. That pretty much what light bleaching looks like under leds. Although I wouldn’t rule out that something else was going on to contribute.


I agree looks like light bleeching
Here a picture of one of mine I allowed to grow to close to my cobs @M4ur looks similar except yours is on tips this was directly under tbe cob 8 to 10 inches or so


The plant have 5-6 leaves that look like that and are situated in the entire plant, 2 are in the middle of the plant and the rest are in the lower part so I excluded the light @dbrn32


All leaves are yellowing from tip to middle, like in the picture… So if it was the light then should have different yellow parts


how far are you from chernoble @M4ur ?


The lady is 6 weeks in flower, unknown strain, regular seed, the light is 1 1/2 from the tallest bud, and the buds are fine, no yellow leaves.


My first thought was bleaching from the lights too.


This was my first thought also but is something else… I don’t really care about because the plant is already ruined by being pollinated by a hermaphrodite plant :pensive:
Now I take “probes” every day to chill out and it’s pretty good :wink::thought_balloon:


@M4ur how are you doing mate? Its looks a little alien looking for sure but with it getting pollinated on you do you think it is possible that would be the cause or maybe if you wanted to maybe a Micro-Mix and see how thing go :+1:



Like stated your P H is way off the scale and your temps durning the day are even worse.
Cooll that room sown to 80 anf flush your plants big time.
and no more feed until you get your P H under control…



Ooh, that’s cold! lol. I agree that it looks like light bleaching to me. Being a soil grow your PH looks okay to me and it ought to be nice and airy with the perlite in it.


it’s a possibility that the fallout is still happening…in fact i know it is…lol
but i would not wish that on our friend @M4ur…lol
as long as the buds don’t bark i’m good with the bite!


I know that the temperature is to high but them are ok with it. I grow in soil and the pH is in range @garrigan65


Hi brother, @M4ur, thanks for the tag

You’re RH is good at 35% for the night temperature, right in the zone of between 30-40% light close, but if it stay stable , like you mentioned in daylight at those temps (between 90 and 105°F), well, at those temps, for a healthy plant respiration, your RH should be between 60-70% (VPD chart), so it may cause tips and edges leaves chlorosis like this and may have difficulty to uptake some nutrients as well.

Try this and try to lower both of your pH and ppm a bit… And see if the problem continue… You’re friend…

~Al :v: :innocent:


where you been pallie?