Leaf tips turning yellow

Strain; Type, Bag seed, or NA Strawberry Haze

Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco? 50% coco, 50% perlite

System type? hand watering and foliar spraying

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? pH5.4 - 5.6

What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS Dyna bloom 3-12-6 at 50% dosage

Indoor or Outdoor Indoor

Light system, size? 2 x 85w CFL 2700 mainlights 2 x 11W CFL 2700 sidelights

Temps; Day- 70°F (21*C), Night NA

Humidity; Day, Night NA

Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size -16cm. ventilator fan in closet, vent holes on side and top

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier,NA

Co2; Yes Occasional blast with vinegar dripping into baking soda

The plant is 53 days old and yesterday I noticed the yellowing at the upper leaf tips. The 85w lamps are 20cm.(almost 8") from the plant at the furthest point, so I don’t think its burnt from the lamp. Also, new growth is comingin like a twisted propeller…very strange. The plant is watered and “fed” every day and until now has been doing great. Maybe a flush with plain water is in order? Thanks for any help/suggestions.

This is the opinion of an outdoors soil grower so correct me if I’m wrong anyone else, but this is what I’m seeing as a red alert straight away. Feeding everyday is 99% most likely the cause of your problem. You are creating an excess of nutrients in the medium, locking out some nutrients while providing huge excesses of others. You said it yourself, a flush is definitely in order. Try get your ph up to the sweet spot at 5.8, and you could definitely benefit from a water/feed/water/feed ratio instead of feeding every time you water. And I’ve never used coco, but is it really necessary to water every day?
If youve got a ppm meter, you should be testing how strong the nutrient mix is that your putting in. I could imagine if you ppm tested your runoff it would be giving some extremely high numbers. Flush with plain ph’ed water (5.8) at the amount of 3x the size of your pot. (5gal pot, 15gal flush)


Excess phosphorous maybe? Lightening of leaves near the top, working from the inside out and thin leaves.


You are creating an excess of nutrients in the medium" See, that’s the problem. From what I’ve read about coco, it should be treated like a hydro medium and because it has no nutrients of its own, like soil, has to be fed every day. So who’s right? Looks like a nice crop coming, I’d hate to lose it.


As the others in-thread stated: nutrient burn.

Remember, we do not just call it weed. It is a weed. Cannabis is designed to make the most out of the littlest bit. Nutrients are not food. They are vitamins. Flush her and spread out your feeding schedule. I would also cut your nutrients down a bit (I do 1/2 of what the manufacturer recommends), especially until she stabilizes.

She really is a beautiful little lady you have going. Treat her as such: with kid gloves, and patience.


Thank you, @DissidentPriest, that’s what I needed to hear… er…read, and my girl too.:heart:

Glad to help, and looking forward to watching your progress.

Yep you are right, it has no nutrients of its own, which means you have to feed your plants from a very young age unlike soil which you can get away without feeding for 1-2 months. But remember, as soon as you feed your plant you are introducing nutrients into the medium, and if you feed too much (everyday) then the medium is going to hold all those excess nutrients, just like soil would.

Id have to agree with @Matthew420, looks like a phosphorous excess as your nutes seems to have a lot of P in them

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@BondPacker, @DissidentPriest, @Matthew420
Girlie(s) got a good flush this morning and start their alternate days feeding schedule. Maybe I should try an alternate days feeding schedule too, might help get rid of my wine gut…a little.:wine_glass: Thanks for your help!


:joy: They say a glass of red (or a bottle or two, who knows) a day is good for you right?


Yeah, very good! That’s why I should go on an alternate day feeding schedule…rather give up food than booze!

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i would not worry about it. mine have the same tips but the plants are plentiful and there are no adverse effects

Gotta agree here with @BondPacker . I was trying to feed my plants every two days with decreased nutes and I started to get decreased color around my top buds. Cut back to every four days feeding with normal nutes, the color is coming back and the buds are going crazy. The water intake in this plant has been crazy this time. My first time growing with Strawberry Kush but most likely not my last !

This plant is growing in a small space and is rocking ! I have been developing a technique for small spaces and it seems to be working well. Ya’ll stay safe ! Jerry


What medium are you growing in? And please tell us about your "small spaces technique!

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That’s the first sign of nutrient burn…here a a pic with Nutrient Burn

Notice the how the tips look like your’s


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Damn, they sure do look like mine, though mine aren’t QUITE as bad:worried: Hopefully, giving nutes at half strength every other day should help. But coco should at least be watered every day, shouldn’t it? Thanks for the pic.

Am using Black Gold soil with no added nutrients in soil. I am working on a write up that covers all of my grow. A lot of it is covered on my “Strawberries in the Grow Box” Journal. I changed a few things along the way but this is my third grow in this box and two of them were Sativa’s that I kept under control and actually got a great yield out of a small space.

As soon as I get all of my Comp and Pen exams done, I will start getting it all together and releasing the info.